Your Rank = Experience + Connection to the Job Poster
Your RANK is calculated by comparing how your skills and work experience match up with the job requirements listed relative to other applicants.

This is not an indication of whether your application will be fully reviewed or if you will be considered for the job. 
How a Promotion Token Works
See a job that you REALLY want? If you subscribe to our "Action!" plan, TWICE A MONTH you can Promote your application to stand out from the crowd.

It's a great way to increase the chances of your application being reviewed, and if it doesn't get reviewed, you get that token right back.  
How else can I increase my "Rank"?
You can improve your rank by making sure you have added all of your work experience to your Profile and adding People that you know to your “Connections” (you never know if the person posting the job knows someone you know).

Just know, anybody adding false credits and experience will get banned from Staff Me Up indefinitely.