I am building a small production business from the ground up. 2 Sense Entertainment refers to audio and video services. One of my best strengths is my creativity: 8 years of music production, audio editing, screenwriting, and an ability to learn quickly.


7/15 – Current

Associate Producer (Equity Holder) Momentum Pilot

Scripted (TV) — Momentum Picture House LLC Details
7/15 – Current

• Effectively scheduled all aspects of pre-production; including: Rehearsals, Crew Interviews, Auditions, Cast & Crew Accommodations, Production Meetings, Team-Building Retreat, and Transportation for a cast and crew, comprised of over 30 members. • Participated in the casting process by finding actors who fit character profiles, vetted actors through their reels, headshots, and previous work, as well as identifying talent. • Involved in the creative process by contributing to writing dialogue in the script, editing the script, ensuring that the storyline is compelling and engaging, and providing valuable feedback during script meetings. • Composed original electronic score for the pilot episode and teaser of Momentum. • Responsible for finding, interviewing, and hiring several crew members (Production Assistants, Gaffers, Grip & Electric, Assistant Camera Operators, Craft Services, Art Directors, and Makeup Artists.) • Acted as the main contact for the cast and crew, by updating the staff of any changes in the production process, notifying the cast and crew of their scheduled work dates, accommodations for overnight shoot dates, and creating and sending script sides to the cast members. • Assisted the Executive Producers and Director to help organize weekly pre-production schedule. Trusted by the EP/Director to complete any pre-production and post-production tasks delegated to me. In charge of researching and finding best/cost auto rentals, and Van/Drivers for transportation. • Worked with department heads and coordinated the production process, while ensuring a friendly and positive attitude towards all production members, in order to create a smooth and cohesive shooting process. • Tasked with completing all necessary paperwork for Financer: JBL Audio for their support of product placement in the film. • Acted as an integral part to the entire production process, and a key asset to guaranteeing each task is completed in a timely and professional manner. • Creation of the DOOD.

1/15 – Current

Producer (Producer/Director/Editor) Introduction to Green2O Water — Internet — 2 Sense Entertainment Details
1/15 – Current

Go through various pre-production planning and scheduling tasks. Location scouting. Form interview Q&A based on marketing knowledge, i.e. leading the customer from an established problem to creation of an emotional tie, ultimately presenting possible solution and call-to-action. Put together a skeleton crew for a one-day shoot with multiple movements and setups. Assisted in gaffing and camera. Directed talent in overall tone and presentation. Revisited location for B Roll shots. Currently editing video.

11/14 – Current

Production Assistant Favorite Song

Kevin O'Connor — Music Video — Fox Trail Productions Details
11/14 – Current

Assisted Director and DP with shot setups. Cleared set locations. Assisted with equipment handling. Safety considerations, and general assistance on-set.

11/13 – Current

Executive Producer (Post-Production: Editing Assistant, Sound Design, Composer, Writer) Disconnected Reality Sizzle Reel

Sizzle Reel — Reality/Doc (TV) — 2 Sense Entertainment in association with Fox Trail Productions Details
11/13 – Current

• Created, developed, financed, produced, and coordinated shoot of Disconnected Sizzle Reel, including post-production sound design and editing assisting. • Directed confessional shots of four contestants, ensuring that the dialogue is concise, compelling, and natural. • Coordinated production by scheduling actors, crafty services, script supervision, keeping scene list on schedule. • Utilized a market-based approach to content creation, resulting in production and development of a compelling reality competition series sizzle reel, as well as trend-based, original, scripted work. • Unsure of financing source after budget calculations, I confidently procured the proper amount of financing to meet shooting start dates. • Quickly learned and executed the position of Executive Producer; essentially financing and developing a project, which was based on several interdependent deadlines. • Applied visual-based skills, from creation to completion, to predict, as well as adapt to, any changes in art direction, in order to keep the project aesthetically appealing to the audience. • Operated at an executive level of production by hiring, directing, and coordinating several highly-experienced-film-production-professionals on the set, and during the post-production process, to complete a cohesive project. • Used prior, extensive, and professional knowledge of audio-editing and music composition skills to successfully complete the sound design stage of production in a timely manner. • Continuing to try to grow and strengthen 2 Sense Entertainment’s brand recognition and value via diverse project sales to networks and studios. • Currently working to augment 2 Sense Entertainment’s client-reach through specialization of services, e.g. production of original music for content providers, including, "Momentum" the series. • Versed in proper formatting of any written project work, as per industry standards. • Established production-side team for future creation of any, and all, branded entertainment needs. • Editing of docu-style interview content.

10/15 – 11/15

Second Assistant Director Momentum

Sizzle Reel — Scripted (TV) — Momentum Picture House LLC Details
10/15 – 11/15

Regularly report/follow up to the First Assistant Director during each day of shooting. Created call sheets for each day of shooting, as per the one-liner, and effectively released them to the cast and crew in a timely manner. Assisted the 1st Assistant Director in all aspect of the shoot: scheduling breaks, crafty services, transportation, scheduled each actor to efficiently put them through the works from holding, to wardrobe, hair, makeup, shooting, and wrapping. Worked to help keep overall shoot on budget. Delegated tasks effectively to production assistants, as well as created a more positive working environment for the production assistants via making sure to switch them out in intervals for fire-watching of equipment, vehicles, etc. Created script sides for department heads and cast for each shooting day and provided them on time. Wrangled extras for scenes. Notified 1st Assistant Director of any scheduling anomalies and helped with conflict resolution. Filled in as 1st Assistant Director during times when the 1st AD needed to briefly step away on set. Organize transportation from crew house (East Chatham, NY) to set when on location (Chatham, NY), as well as cast and crew meet up locations for transportation when filming in and around New York City/New Jersey. Sought out and hired transpo van drivers for certain shooting days. Responsible for ensuring that talent makes it through each stage of the works and in a timely matter, so that cast is ready to shoot when crew is finished setting up. Keep an organized workspace on set, and anticipate & prioritize tasks to make sure that all are completed correctly.

1/15 – 1/15

Key Production Assistant (Camera/Lighting/Set Dressing) N/A

Doug Forbes — Music Video — Absurdity Productions Details
1/15 – 1/15

Key PA duties, including gripping. Performed duties of Assistant camera, gear pickups & running equipment: lenses, batteries, dana dolly 8ft slider, ARRI Softbank D1 lighting & Kino Flo 4 Bank Interview Kit. Acted as de facto 1st Assistant Director, to keep production schedule on time. Acted as quasi-production designer and set-dresser to perform tasks to set up the conspiracy room, which included wild and strange conspiracies and conspiracy theories, equations, photographs of space and pop culture icons, the "red string story line" in order to create a sense of angst and evoke a feeling of dread. Assisted with any and all tasks delegated to me on set.

1/15 – 1/15

Key Grip (Lighting/Camera Assistant) IOttie's Easy One Touch 3

Corporate Details
1/15 – 1/15

Assist in lighting setups, auditioning lights while maintaining a clean and safe working environment. Assisted with any given tasks for the day, holding cue cards, pulling focus, shot blocking, etc. Gear included Sony FS700, 1'sq LED lighting panel & C stand + boom, 150 w Tungsten light with soft box.


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Class of '13

Caldwell University

Class of '08

Rutgers University

Class of '06

Gibbs College

A.A.S/Business Administration and Marketing

My Gear

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
  • Alesis QX49 MIDI Controller
  • Edison Audio Editor
  • FL STUDIO 12.2 Complete Production and VST Package
  • Sound production studio:
  • Yamaha HS80M Studio Monitors


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Advertising
  • Art Directing
  • Basic Gaffing
  • Budgeting
  • Call Sheets
  • Cinematography
  • Communication
  • Copywriting
  • Customer Service
  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Event Management
  • Event Planning
  • FL Studio
  • Framing and Blocking
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Music Production
  • Music/Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • PowerPoint
  • Producing
  • Product Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales
  • Scene Lighting
  • Screenwriting
  • Set Dressing
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Networking