Award winning producer/director/writer Jeff Cole has been captivating audiences since he was a kid telling tall tales around the campfire. Now "supposedly" all grown....Jeff's storytelling passion still burns bright!


9/10 – 6/15

Executive Producer (EP) (Producer/Writer Documentary Film Production )

Staff Position — Brave New Films Details
9/10 – 6/15

- Wrote, produced, supervised and executed all stages of documentaries including pre-production, casting, scripting, shooting, rough-cuts, fine cut and final delivery - Responsible for workflow and budget for numerous simultaneous projects - Hired and managed a staff of producers, associate producers, editors, camera and sound crews - Anticipated and responded to the needs and demands of clients under tight deadlines for multiple simultaneous projects - “War on Whistleblowers” won “Audience Award for Best Documentary” at the 2013 YES Film Festival

6/06 – 7/10

Series Producer (Director/Writer )

Staff Position — History Channel Modern Marvels Details
6/06 – 7/10

- Wrote, produced and directed one-hour network documentaries - Wrote opening teases, outlines, treatments and final scripts - Directed crews for all on-location footage, interview scenes - Supervised rough/fine cut edits, music composition and final delivery - Delivered products in accordance with strict schedules and budgets

1/09 – 6/10

Series Producer (Digital Producer/Director/Writer) Lexus Hollywood On Ramp & Reel to Reel

Internet Web Series — Digital — E! Entertainment Details
1/09 – 6/10

~ Produced from research to post production video on demand/webcast series ("Real to Reel" & "Hollywood On Ramp") ~ Directed all on location footage and interview scenes ~ Wrote outlines, treatments and final scripts ~ Edited rough cuts and supervised fine cuts to final delivery

3/08 – 6/08

Supervising Producer (Docu-series Director/writer ) Wreckreation Nation (Season 1)

Discovery — TV — True Entertainment Details
3/08 – 6/08

- Researched, developed, wrote and field-produced stories for original cable show.

1/04 – 6/06

Series Producer (The Apprentice )

Staff Position — Mark Burnett Productions Details
1/04 – 6/06

- Responsible for structuring acts, building scenes, developing character story lines, supplying editors with interviews, and writing voice-overs for cold opens - Responsible for supervising multiple editors during post-production of numerous episodes - Supervised show from string out to fine cut, including audio mix and final delivery

2/97 – 6/02

Senior Producer (Inside Edition/West Coast Bureau Chief)

Staff Position — King World Productions West Coast Bureau Chief Details
2/97 – 6/02

- Pitched, developed and wrote news stories to generate content for a quarter to half of the daily half-hour program - Hired and supervised a staff of up to 50 directors, producers, editors, production crews and segment coordinators -Supervised live shots, segment shoots, scripts, and final editing structure of stories

8/95 – 9/97

Series Producer ( Director/Writer)

Staff Position — King World Productions "Inside Edition" Details
8/95 – 9/97

- Traveled world-wide field directing, writing and editing national news magazine stories and special projects


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Class of '94

Eastern Kentucky University