Archival producer and research troubleshooter. Having also worked in production and post, I have a strong sense of producer and director's needs each step of the way. Have a gift for gab, sense of humor, and an eye for the unexpected.


10/17 – 4/18

Archival Producer Power to Heal : Medicare and the Civil RIghts Revolution

PBS — Reality/Doc (TV) — BLB Films Details
10/17 – 4/18

Trouble shooter. Tracking down rights to uncleared footage and photography already in cut: Identifying archival footage & photography to replace elements when their sources could not be cleared or quality master elements were not available; Documentation of research to demonstrate "best efforts" were made to clear elements; Coordination with legal consultants on issues of "Fair Use"; Coordination of access to elements for the publicity with presenting PBS station PR; Negotiation with archival sources, tracking of budgets, rights management; Liaison with labs and archival sources for transfers, other post-production needs.

3/15 – 8/15

Archival Producer ( ) Silicon City: Computer History Made in New York

Live Event — New-York Historical Society Details
3/15 – 8/15

Location of rare footage, photography, animation and electronic music held by public and private archives as well as private college that document the beginnings of computer animation and computer music in New York City from the 1950's to the 1980's.

10/14 – 2/15

Archival Producer Brooklyn Americans: Hockey's Forgotten Promise ( Exhibit)

Live Event — Brooklyn Historical Society Details
10/14 – 2/15

Prime researcher for exhibit on Brooklyn's only short-lived hockey team before 2015. Deep dive into rare history of hockey in New York in the early 20th Century. Location of artifacts, photography, film footage held by private collectors, sports archives, old hockey players and journalists.

8/12 – 7/13

Archival Producer (Consultant) Chaldean Christian Museum - Detroit Michigan

Live Event — Saylor & Sirola Design for The Chaldean Cultural Center Details
8/12 – 7/13

Collaborated with designers, archeologists, historians during design and production of world's only museum documenting the history and cultural of one of the world's oldest Christian sects, Iraqi Chaldean Christians. Located and identified photography of religious artifacts, culture and history from international sources. Established visual database and production work-flow. Consulted on budgets, rights and clearances.

5/11 – 7/12

Co-Producer (9 exhibition films.) World War II and NYC

Live Event — New-York Historical Society Details
5/11 – 7/12

Co-Producer 9 short exhibition films for exhibition on the role of New York and New Yorkers in World War II - from the desegregation of the wartime factory production, to the export of drag shows, to the Manhattan project. SEE LINKS IN "MEDIA" FOR EXAMPLES

4/10 – 12/10

Co-Producer (Feature documentary ) All Me: The Life and Times of Winfred Rembert

Reality/Doc (TV) — Ducat Media LLC Details
4/10 – 12/10

Story development, location and archival research; recruitment of on-camera informants, location research and management; production of gala exhibition opening

10/03 – 4/10

Project Manager (and Archival Producer) Various

Reality/Doc (TV) — Freelance, self employed Details
10/03 – 4/10

Independent Project Management, Content and Visual Research Clients included: FairChoice Systems (2009), Pure Vision Arts (2008), Ducat Media / AIA Magazine ( 2007), Archipelago Films, National Geographic Productions (2006), McGraw-Hill Education Company (2006), The National Sports Museum (2005), Columbia University Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies (2005) .

5/03 – 8/03

Archival Producer (Consultant Short Term) American Masters

Reality/Doc (TV) — PBS/WNET Details
5/03 – 8/03

Rights troubleshooter. Identification of uncleared footage and photography. Sourced or found replacments.


  • WWII & NYC: Building the Atomic Bomb

  • WWII & NYC: Staging Soldier Shows from Burma to Broadway


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New School for Social Research - Lange College

B/A Liberal Arts


  • Ducat Media LLC


  • Booking
  • Story Research
  • Story Development
  • Archival research
  • Historical Research
  • Pre-production Planning
  • Footage Research
  • Script Research
  • Archive Rights Clearance
  • Negotiation With Vendors and Service Providers