Former Owner, Exec Producer & Senior Editor of West Post Digital. Up for editorial or post producing work, freelance or full time. Spots, Sizzles, Promo's & Documentary. Produced feature film "Skiing Everest" & short "Can Do: Legacy of Jimmie Heuga"


7/20 – 6/21

Editor (Premiere Pro)

Multiple Networks — Advertising — Edge To Edge Details
7/20 – 6/21

I do the finishing, QC, Export and posting to Extreme Reach on the Pepperidge Farms Goldfish spots. I have been doing this for Blur Studio for the past 9 years. I take rendered clips and marry them with 5.1 and stereo audio, check for QC issues, post for approvals and then upload to Extreme Reach for distribution. This is a freelance job that requires 1 day per month.

3/20 – 8/20

Director (Writer, Producer, Editor) My Father is a Threat to National Security

Dropbox — Film (Short) — Edge To Edge Details
3/20 – 8/20

I wrote, directed, produced, edited, and finished a 35 minute documentary short about an experience my father had during the 1950's with McCarthyism

10/19 – 4/20

Online Editor (Premiere Pro) The Mindfullness Movie

Multiple Streaming Services — Film (Feature-length) — Edge To Edge Details
10/19 – 4/20

Final steps of creative editorial per focus group feedback. Finishing editorial, Color Correction, GFX, Audio Mix/layback, QC and all finishing services provided for finishing the feature documentary "The Mindfulness Movie." Also created numerous clip pulls for promo's on various social media platforms.

1/20 – 2/20

Editor (Premiere Pro) Headspace

Headspace — Digital — Lovett Productions Details
1/20 – 2/20

Creative and finishing editor, editing exercise routines for 15 to 45 minute workout sessions on the Headspace app. Both creative cutting and finishing, adding AE-GFX, music, QC, and delivery of 40 episodes.

5/18 – 2/19

Preditor (Premiere Pro) California Film Commisson - Promos

CFC website — Digital — California Film Commission Details
5/18 – 2/19

Make creative editorial choices from many hours of footage to create visual montage showing why people want to shoot in California. Responsible for music editorial, creative, finishing, color correction and delivery of :80, :30 & :15 promotional clips

10/18 – 12/18

Preditor (Premiere Pro) The Bark

VCA — Corporate — VCA Details
10/18 – 12/18

Edit industrial training "talk show" for VCA employee training. Responsible for all creative and finishing editorial including graphics, green screen comps, audio and delivery.

4/17 – 8/18

Post Producer (FCP 7.3) She's Got A Plan

Independent — Film (Feature-length) — CorFat Productions Details
4/17 – 8/18

On line editor and post producer on 90 minute theatrical low budget feature. Did revisions to the creative cut, on line editorial, prep and export elements for color correction and audio sweetening, assembled delivered elements to create final delivery masters.

6/18 – 7/18

Editor (Premiere Pro) Tugboat Summit

Digital — Corporate — The Tugboat Group Details
6/18 – 7/18

Edit attendee reactions to what was covered at multi day seminar


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  • Mountain West - Bucket List


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Class of '82

U.C. Davis

Bachelor of Arts in History with Psychology Minor

My Gear

  • 42 inch Panasonic Plasma
  • Fully equipped edit suite in Santa Monica
  • Professional Outboard Scopes
  • Stereo and 5.1 Monitoring


  • Director
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Producer
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Deliverables
  • executive producer
  • Post Supervision
  • Workflow
  • Creative Editorial
  • On Line Editorial