I am a filmmaker with a strong balance of creative and technical skills. I'm currently seeking jobs in creative leadership such as direction and camera team. I am looking to grow, so will be taking work as a PA, AD, and AC as opportunities arise!


12/18 – 12/18

First Assistant Camera

12/18 – 12/18
9/18 – 11/18

Second Assistant Camera Viscous

Film (Feature-length) — DRF Productions Details
9/18 – 11/18

I worked under the DP and 1st AC to set up camera bay, ensure we had charged batteries, the proper (clean) lenses, and a working monitor. I also helped move the camera, manage the slate, lay T marks and tape, relay information to the script supervisor, and wrangle cables.

2/18 – 10/18

Director Does the Owl Fly?

Film (Short)
2/18 – 10/18
8/18 – 8/18

Studio Teacher

Staff Position — Filmsters Academy Details
8/18 – 8/18

I worked with a partner to educate and guide a team of intermediate students as they pitched, wrote, shot, and edited their very own film in the course or two weeks.

6/16 – 6/18

Film Course Instructor

Staff Position — Messiah College Details
6/16 – 6/18

I worked with a team of film professionals to educate and guide a team of students in the making of their very own film. In addition to filming, they were taught technical set skills and stayed on campus overnight, wherein I was in charge of their safety and security. I did this the premiering year of the program in 2016, and rejoined them in 2018. In 2019, I intend to return as a Teacher and Program Director.

1/18 – 1/18

Second Assistant Camera Safe House

Film (Short) — Micah Khan
1/18 – 1/18
1/16 – 4/17

Director (& Director of Photography) Oak Bones

Film (Short) — STSYN Productions Details
1/16 – 4/17

Following an untimely personal tragedy that lead me to cancel my original project, I wrote and directed this fantasy dramatic short about a woman carved from wood by an unstable craftsman. We funded the film through Kickstarter simultaneously with shooting. The film went on to play at 19 Festivals, garner over 30 nominations, and won 11 awards for cinematography, visual effects, picture, and acting.

1/15 – 1/17

Director (& Director of Photography) Like Rain

Film (Short) — STSYN Productions Details
1/15 – 1/17

I wrote, co - directed, and acted in this dramatic short addressing domestic sexual assault, PTSD, and homophobia. It's premiere at Splice won for People's Choice and Best Direction. The funding campaign through Indiegogo went over it's goal enough to allow us to donate the extra funds to a women's shelter in Pennsylvania (where we shot the film).


  • Shrug Productions
  • Annapolis Filmsters Academy
  • Messiah College Young Filmmakers Workshop
  • Upstate New York Filmmakers


  • Cinematography Reel - Lindsay Corriveau

  • Lindsay Corriveau - Acting Reel


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Class of '16

Messiah College

Film & Media Arts
Class of '16

Messiah College

Digital Media

My Gear

  • Makeup Kit
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • Canon EOS 5D
  • Zoom H2 Handy Recorder
  • Canon Telephoto
  • Horseshoe Mount
  • Rokinon Stock Cinema Lens


  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Cinematography
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Animation
  • Acting
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Art Direction
  • Modeling
  • Rotoscoping
  • costuming
  • focus pulling
  • Spfx makeup
  • Hand Held Cinematography
  • Music - Composition
  • Music - Performance