I am a freelance Camera Assistant In Los Angeles that is team motivated and has an unending drive to make every project I work on shine. I also own a 360 Camera and a production company specializing in that type of production.


9/17 – 9/17

Second Assistant Camera (C300 Mk II) I want my phone back (Season 2)

Facebook — Digital — Big Breakfast/ College Humor Details
9/17 – 9/17

Slated cameras, set Metadata, filled out camera reports, laid marks for actors, and downloaded media.

6/17 – 6/17

Director of Photography (DP) (C300 Mk II) YouTube VidCon

YouTube — Digital — Refinery29 Details
6/17 – 6/17

Placed camera and lighting requests that fit the overall tone for the video, chose the positions of two cameras and operated as needed. took stills for thumbnails, followed action between multiple youtube stars in a press junket format.

9/16 – 9/16

Second Assistant Camera (C300 Mk II) I want my phone back (Season 1)

Facebook — Digital — CH Media Details
9/16 – 9/16

Tapped in monitors, camera reports for three various cameras, swapped and initialized media. Downloaded cards. Swapped lenses and filters. Slated for cameras.

2/16 – 9/16

DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)

Staff Position — EVS Details
2/16 – 9/16

I prepped and quality checked gear from the rental house that would go out to productions in between my own freelance assistant jobs. I learned how to pack for air travel and what how to build camera packages neatly and efficiently.

8/16 – 8/16

Assistant Camera (AC) (Arri Alexa Mini)

Advertising — Greatcoat Films Details
8/16 – 8/16

I was responsible for swapping Cooke S4 primes and filters in a clip on matte box as well as swapping battery, setting up video village, and managing cards.

1/16 – 1/16

Assistant Camera (AC) (FS7)

M&M's — Advertising — Mustache Agency Details
1/16 – 1/16

Assisted moving camera and marking cards for DIT and relieving the camera operator in between takes.

9/15 – 10/15

Assistant Camera (AC) (C300 Mk1) Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (Season 2)

VH1 — TV — EASTERN (NFGTV) Details
9/15 – 10/15

I day played, making Camera reports, Monitoring 5 c300's batteries and cards as well as hooking up wireless video for director and client.


  • Matthew Richardson - Director of Photography Reel - March 22nd 2016


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Class of '16

Art institute of California - Hollywood

Bachelor's degree in Digital Cinema and Video Production

My Gear

  • GoPro
  • Pro6 VR Mount


  • Producer
  • Camera Operator
  • Director of Photography
  • Camera assistant
  • grip
  • Gaffer
  • camera utility
  • Prep Tech