Proactive, go-getter. Solid skills! Experienced and Certified COVID-19 Compliance Officer. Excellent driver! Experienced across production genres, roles and departments. Positive and reliable from call to wrap. Efficient. Short or long term. Will travel.


10/20 – 11/20

Hair/Makeup Combo (and Makeup Dept. COVID Compliance Lead) Srixon

Srixon — Advertising — Manic Pictures Details
10/20 – 11/20

Applied makeup to celebrity golfers (male and female). Kept a natural appearance and used minimal makeup (to minimize contact risk). Prepped the hair and steamed wardrobe each day. Maintained natural looks with touchups, as needed, throughout the day. Initiated COVID protocols in my department (Ensured the Makeup, hair and wardrobe areas were disinfected, all gear was disinfected and sanitized prior to setup and use. Used gloves, hand sanitizer, face shields and masks as part of the protocol. Kept extra people out of the department and/or physically distanced).

10/20 – 10/20

COVID-19 Compliance Officer (COVID-19 Safety, Pickup day coordination ) Gst

HBO Max — TV — Jigsaw Productions Details
10/20 – 10/20

Coordinated COVID-19 testing for this ten-day shoot; conducted daily safety meetings, perform multiple yemperature check daily, inform crew of potential risks (new crew coming onboard, interviewees, etc.), protocols, screening crew and all participants, initiated hand sanitation, mask changes and much more. Communicated with producers, crew and labs to ensure a safe, COVID-19 safe work environment.

8/20 – 9/20

Hair/Makeup Combo (Departmental COVID Compliance) Political Ads

Left Hook — Advertising — Left Hook Media Details
8/20 – 9/20

Applied airbrush makeup (to minimize contact with the subject), prepped the hair and steamed wardrobe for the shots. Created a natural, believable look for the subject content. Initiated COVID protocols in my department (Ensured the Makeup, hair and wardrobe areas were disinfected, all gear was disinfected and sanitized prior to setup and use. Used gloves, hand sanitizer, face shields and masks as part of the protocol.Kept extra people out of the department).

3/20 – 8/20

Production Coordinator (COVID-19 Lead) CCRM - Fertility Clinic

Corporate — Childe Productions Details
3/20 – 8/20

Secured production crew, sourced, RV's, sourced and procured water, sanitizing and hygiene supplies, identified easily accessible breakfast and lunch options, located backups for each crew position, prepared production and start paperwork, copied documents, replaced crew as needed, negotiated crew rate and equipment deals. Provided many cost savings, allowing more money for wish list items. Sourced AurBnb options. Was lead for COVID-19 testing and production vehicle sanitation and crew protocol enforcement. Worked mostly remotely.

3/20 – 3/20

Casting Assistant Making The Band

MTV — TV — City Media Entertainment Details
3/20 – 3/20

Contestant movement to audition and holding areas, checked contestant numbers, organized and matched contestant paperwork, relayed information to contestants from the Casting Producer. Endured contestants kept hydrated. Transported contestant personal bags to appropriate exit areas.

3/20 – 3/20

Hair/Makeup Combo (also FX Makeup and Wardrobe) Texting & Driving

Houston-Galveston Partnership — TV — One Way Studios Details
3/20 – 3/20

Makeup,hair, wardrobe and Special makeup effects (wound simulation, cuts, gashes, dead effects). Kept Talent comfortable, retouched Makeup and hair. Anticipated character look needs based on lighting configurations and settings.

4/19 – 3/20

Production Coordinator (Field/Prduucer/Shooter) The Next Great Comic (Season 1)

Comcast — TV — Dominion Films Details
4/19 – 3/20

Prepared shoot schedules, budgets, logistics for multi city shoot. Contestant coordination (casting, promo). Scorekeeper (judges points and notes). Created call sheets, shot lists, transpo and crew schedules. Prepared releases and production paperwork (talent, crew, locations, judges..) Gear and camera/lighting setups, operated camera, Took production stills, secured locations, hired and supervised crew, coordinated meals, managed media and data,ordered gear, start paperwork distribution and processing, location management, data uploads. Shot interviews, standup comedy routines (HD). Supervised production assistants. Multi-location production. Delivered updates to judges. Managed and logged PC. Communicated results to contestants. Handled payroll, including W2 documents, I9 verifications, deductions, reporting and pay issuance.

2/20 – 2/20

Production Assistant (Driver, crafty, set Assistant ) Restaurant Impossible (Season 17)

Food Network — TV — Lando Entertainment Details
2/20 – 2/20

Minivan driver, individual and crowd releasing and check-Ins, Coffee runs, assisted design department with set staging and resets, set decoration and prop load ins, gear load-Ins, on camera audience movement, crafty and cooler restocking, lockup's, assisted the PC and Producer as needed...


  • IATSE Local 484 Studio Mechanics (SM)
  • Women In Film (WIF)
  • IATSE Local 51 Stage Employees (S)
  • Daytime EMMYS Judge
  • IATSE 796 Local TV union
  • Certified Covid Compliance Officer
  • IATSE Local 796 TV Sports
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee


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Meagan Clark
Production Manager
Abiiba was on time and cheerful! She followed directions, asked intelligent questions, and got the job done! I would hire her again any time! ...MORE...
Johnny Murillo
Abiiba is an incredible crew member. She did a great job and was extremely professional. My lead talent was so impressed and felt very confident in her work. I highly recommend her for any film crew, stage or fashion event. When I am back in Houston ...MORE...


Class of '13

Full Sail University

M.S., Internet Marketing
Class of '11

Full Sail University

M.A., Journalism (New Media)
Class of '10

Full Sail University

B.S., Entertainment Business (Film, HD, music, events, web)
Class of '07

Darin Scott / Indie Slate Magazine

Directing Workshop
Class of '04

Rockstone Foundation

Directing, Producing
Class of '97

Hollywood Film Institute

Directing, Producing
Class of '95

Third Coast Entertainment

Production Coordinator and Production Mgt training

Northwestern University

Human Resource Management; Personnel Administration

My Gear

  • Tables
  • Mac
  • Printers
  • Hair Kit
  • Folding Chairs
  • Production Coordinator Kit
  • Makeup Artist kit
  • Tent
  • Airbrushed Makeup
  • Fully equipped
  • Makeup Effects kit (wounds aging cuts burns bruises facial hair)
  • Mobile and tech software savvy
  • Mobile production office setup with tent tables etc
  • Production Manager Kit
  • Production software
  • Roomy dependable vehicle
  • COVID-19 Complikance Officer Kit


  • Directing
  • Casting
  • Production Reports
  • Production Management
  • Casting Producer
  • Production Coordination
  • Callsheets
  • Production Assistant
  • Assistant Director
  • Location Scouting and Management
  • Production Paperwork
  • Key Production Assistant
  • Makeup Effects
  • makeup/hair
  • Crafty shopping (healthy too!) setup and restocking
  • Story Associate Producer (story scripty)
  • Certified Covid Compliance Officer