Amanda, a Producer, based in Washington, has 1 Multimedia Journalist credit and 2 Producer credits, and has been a member since 2016.


2/16 – 10/16

Multimedia Journalist Freelance Producer in Myanmar

YOUTUBE — Internet — Freelance Details
2/16 – 10/16

o Effectively field produced for various programs with the responsibility of in-depth research, screen testing, interviewing, setting up logistics, and planning shoots for small film crews o Skilled photographer; have published photography essays for local outlets o Writer; have published articles for local outlets

10/12 – 2/16

Producer Reason TV (Season 4)

Reality/Doc (TV) — Reason TV Details
10/12 – 2/16

o Responsible for directing, writing, shooting, and editing short documentaries, interviews, and viral videos for a wide, national online audience o Effectively pitched and developed scripts for short documentaries o Experience with interviewing people in leadership positions o Conducted research and provided thorough investigative reporting o Managed multiple creative projects simultaneously

4/12 – 12/12

Producer River Keepers Pilot

PBS — Reality/Doc (TV) — PBS Details
4/12 – 12/12

o Effectively led a production crew of 8 members o Successfully completed a 30-minute environmental documentary on time and under budget o Managed and provided guidance in the post-production process o Documentary premiered in April 2012 on Maryland PBS Television

1/11 – 5/11

Intern Al Jazeera America

1/11 – 5/11

o Provided preproduction research for upcoming documentaries o Transcribed long interviews quickly o Acted as liaison to contacts such as communication chiefs, press secretaries, media


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