I'm a LA resident working in the NonUnion Commercial, Music Video & Independent Industry. I reign from the streets of Chicago where I studied Film & Theatre. Since moving out here I quickly rose the ranks from Intern to PA, and now working as an A.D.


5/18 – 6/18

First Assistant Director Patch

Film (Short) — Decentralized Films Details
5/18 – 6/18

On this project we had to deal closely with robotic and puppetry work creating a realistic practical Robot. Organization of the schedule, shooting times, and dealing unexpected delays was integral to this production.

4/18 – 5/18

First Assistant Director Deadpool Musical 2 (Parody)

YouTube — Digital — Zamurai Productions Details
4/18 – 5/18

The challenge of this video was the large amount of stunts, screen combat, and wire-work. This along with several moving pieces made this project challenging.

3/18 – 3/18

Second Assistant Director 3k Hooptie Challenge (Season 1)

Facebook — TV — Studio TEN
3/18 – 3/18
2/18 – 3/18

First Assistant Director Egg Soldier

Film (Short) — Scratch Creative Details
2/18 – 3/18

This projects challenge was dealing with a child actor who was on screen 90 percent of the film. With a very tight shooting schedule, managing every actors schedule, the budget, and child labor laws it became an incredibly difficult obstacle.

12/17 – 12/17

First Assistant Director Mrs. Fitzgerald is Missing (Season 2)

Prime Video — TV
12/17 – 12/17
11/17 – 12/17

First Assistant Director Torn

Film (Short) — Red Sandal Productions Details
11/17 – 12/17

Typical 1st Asst. Directing responsibilities: schedule, call sheet, keeping shot on time, making sure cast and crew is happy.

8/17 – 9/17

Second Assistant Director Dead Women Walking

TV — HK Corp
8/17 – 9/17
3/17 – 3/17

First Assistant Director Bangarang

Film (Short) — Play Productions Details
3/17 – 3/17

Typical 1st AD responsibilities. Had to deal with a lot of children on the set, making it a challenge for scheduling and child labor laws.


  • Deadpool The Musical - Beauty and the Beast "Gaston" Parody


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Class of '14

Columbia College Chicago

Bachelor's Degree/Interdisciplinary with a Concentration in Dire
Class of '10

Richardson High School



  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Film
  • Casting
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Customer Service
  • creative producer
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Improvisation
  • assistant directing
  • Production Assistance