Award wining film maker with 9 years experience and a Regional Emmy Award. Certified Advanced Underwater Scuba Diver and experienced in underwater cinematography. Cerified Steadicam Operator


11/18 – 11/18

Steadicam Op (Fashion Film )

Staff Position — Passion for Fashion Details
11/18 – 11/18

Steadicam Operating on a Fashion Film apart of Canon 4K Fashion Film Challenge. Operated Steadicam with a Red Epic featuring fashion wear with Fashion Designer Angelica Curtis.

12/16 – 12/16

Camera Operator (Underwater Hydroflex Cine Alta Sony F55 with Super Baltar Lenses )

Staff Position — Chapman University - Dodge College of Film and Media Arts-Thesis Film "Stuck" Details
12/16 – 12/16

Hydroflex Underwater Camera Operator/Underwater Technician.Responsibilities included setting up and prepping the Hydroflex Remote Aqucam Housing with the wired Fiz focus controller. We used the Cine Alta Sony F55. Other responsibilities where to set up and prep the underwater hydro par lights and underwater communications system.

12/16 – 12/16

Data Management Daredevil Swims With Huge Snake

The Weather Channel — TV — N/A Details
12/16 – 12/16

Notes: Responsibilities included assisting as a underwater camera technician and Data Management. Filmed on location in Ojai with a real Anaconda Snake. In charge of prepping underwater camera gear and camera equipment on set. Working with a live snake on set. We used Gates Underwater Housing and Sony EX1 Camera.

7/13 – 7/16

Steadicam Op Art of Deception

Film (Feature-length) — Ox Films Details
7/13 – 7/16

Shot on Red Epic/ Red Scarlet

3/16 – 3/16

First Assistant Camera (2nd Unit Underwater 1st AC) Dam Sharks

Film (Feature-length) Details
3/16 – 3/16

My responsibilities as a 2nd unit underwater 1st AC was to prep and transport the underwater housing from Hydroflex to location. It was my job to keep the camera and lens from being flooded while on location. Having to work around obstacles that where out of my reach and having to problem solve on the spot to keep production going. Also assisted the camera team on location with equipment and the camera. Other responsibilities where making calls to order more battery equipment from Hydroflex to ensure we had the right battery to use with the housing. SyFy Channel

2/16 – 2/16

Steadicam Op (Steadicam Operating on Live Performance) The world famous Cameltones

Live/Special Event Details
2/16 – 2/16

Steadicam Operating during a concert for a live event. Shooting on Sony Cine Alta EX1 Camera in San Diego.

2/16 – 2/16

3D Scanning (Faro Focus Scanner Technician) Capital

Film (Feature-length) — N/A Details
2/16 – 2/16

VFX 3D Faro Scanner Technician. Operated and scanned location utilizing a Faro 3D Scanner.

11/15 – 11/15

Camera Operator (Underwater Camera Operator ) Astronette

Film (Short) — Loyola Marymount University Details
11/15 – 11/15

Underwater Camera Operator. Operated a Hydroflex Aquatcia Housing with Canon 5D MKII Camera. Filming a underwater swim race for a short film called "Astronette" through Loyola Marymount University,


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Alex is a super nice guy and easy to talk to! He is very supportive to the project and maintains a very kind and humble attitude. He is a team player and easy to work with. With Steadicam he is very professional, organized and prepared. He is very ...MORE...
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Alexander is a great and very prepared camera operator, especially for scenes that involve shooting underwater. He has a great professional manner and communicates well to get the shots done properly the first time. I would definitely work with him a ...MORE...
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Trust is a critical component when speaking about the director/cinematographer/operator relationship, and Alexander Tyson is someone you can trust to fulfill his duties as an operator. He is very passionate, having dedicated time to understanding and ...MORE...


Class of '12

Columbia College Hollywood

BFA CInematography and Television
Class of '09


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