I'm a Graphic Designer, recently moved to LA to become a Production Designer, with experience both in house and at an agency, with expertise in print, social ads, digital, storyboards, collateral, deck creation, and developing and pitching concepts for brand and marketing campaigns. I'm excited to apply my skills on set and in the entertainment industry.


11/18 – 2/19

Art Director SunTrust ATM with Teller Connect

Online, SunTrust Website — Corporate — SunTrust Bank Details
11/18 – 2/19

Working with a writer, we concepted this comedic take on the day in the life of a busy mom who just wants to take back her lunch break, with SunTrust’s ATM with Teller Connect machine ready to save the day. On set I worked closely with the director to ensure we were keeping a good balance of comedic energy and professionalism appropriate for SunTrust. We edited two versions, one for consumers on, a page I designed, and one for training Teller Connect tellers, showing a complete transaction between the teller and Brenda, our harried mom. It was a challenge to keep up the energy through the transaction and I worked with the edit team to use cuts and music to keep the information entertaining, along with a fun new end scene that gives Brenda’s journey some closure.

3/18 – 4/18

Art Director UPS Business of the Game Video Feat Hines Ward

Internet — Corporate — UPS Details
3/18 – 4/18

As part of the UPS Business of the Game program, UPS wanted to create video content to showcase their business partners. The video was originally created to play at a TCU football game, and I was part of a team that created two videos featuring J. Reneé, a shoe company that has been a longtime customer of UPS. I worked with a writer and director to art direct the day-long shoot in Carrollton, TX that covered three interviews, three locations and B-roll of the warehouse, showroom and workspaces. The one minute, 35-second video was more informational, featuring the dimensional weight scanners that UPS provided to J. Reneé, making measuring and weighing the many box sizes they use faster and more efficient. The 30-second video was a general overview of the company, featuring a favorite correspondent of UPS: Hines Ward.


  • UPS Business of the Game - J. Reneé

  • SunTrust and Zelle Partnership Animation


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