I am an ambitious artist willing to collaborate with anyone who has the passion to create! I am experienced in cinematography, screenwriting, and scoring for film. After graduating with a film degree, I am ready to take on any project that comes my way.


5/15 – 6/15

Director of Photography (Nikon D800E) Cat Call

Film (Short) Details
5/15 – 6/15

I designed shots and operated the camera for the film. I was responsible for changing lenses and collaborating with the cast and crew.

4/15 – 6/15

Camera Operator (Nikon D810) Nothin' Fancy

Film (Short) Details
4/15 – 6/15

I collaborated with the director in designing shots that fit scenes for the film. I operated the camera for the majority of the film. Some of the operations performed were camera setup, pans, tilts, focus, lens change, framing shots, etc.

3/15 – 6/15

Camera Operator News Watch (Season 5)

Internet — News (TV) Details
3/15 – 6/15

I was a camera op for a studio news program. I have experience with frame composition, changing shots live based on directorial direction, green screen, etc.

3/15 – 6/15

Camera Operator (Nikon D800E) Therapy

Film (Short) Details
3/15 – 6/15

I was responsible for camera angles and the operation of the camera. I also assisted in designing shots for numerous scenes.

3/15 – 3/15

Director of Photography (Nikon D800E) Y2K

Film (Short) Details
3/15 – 3/15

I operated the camera for the film as I oriented shots for each scene. I decided what lenses to use and collaborated with the director about how certain scenes should be set up.



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Class of '15

Central Washington University

BA: FVS, Production Specialization Minor: Screenwriting

My Gear

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Macbook Pro
  • Logic Pro
  • Sterling ST59 Microphone




  • Video Editing
  • Screenwriting
  • Cinematography
  • Music Production
  • Audio recording
  • Studio Experience