Alba Ortiz Reyes is an aspiring filmmaker and recent graduate of the Full Sail Film Production Masters Degree. She has experience as an active member of the production department, and excels in leadership roles such as UPM and AD. Her skill set for filmmaking lies mainly in the leadership roles within the production department, but she is very willing to work her way up.


11/15 – Current

Unit Production Manager (1st Assistant Director) Clear Your Mind (short)

Film (Short) — AntonioRFX Production Details
11/15 – Current

As the Unit Production Manager I had to handle the paperwork and the organization of the set during pre-production and production. As the 1st Assistant Director I helped organize the set and assisted the director with organizing the crew as he worked with the talent. This specific project was a short film specifically made to be used as a marketing tool for the feature film version. Currently, I am working as the Producer for the feature film version.

9/16 – 9/16

Production Assistant (Runner) Florida Pursuit - Deloitte

Corporate — Guy Bauer Productions Details
9/16 – 9/16

As a production assistant I worked along with the producer to provide the best possible work environment for the crew, as well as maintain a good relationship with the hosts/ owners of the shooting locations. My work detail consisted of keeping an organized office (on location), keeping track of craft services and making runs to fetch catering or any other production needs (props, costumes, etc...).

6/16 – 7/16

Unit Production Manager (Craft Services Provider) Whodunit?

Film (Short) — Independent Film Details
6/16 – 7/16

As the UPM I was helping run the set. It was a very small crew and everyone worked in tandem in order to be able to get all the shots within a very short time frame. Due to the nature of the film (extreme low budget) I was also in charge of providing the craft services for the film. In this specific case I prepared the meals myself and brought them unto the set for the crew to have their lunch/ dinner.

2/16 – 5/16

Unit Production Manager The Great Feckin' Tree

Film (Short) — Full Sail University Productions Details
2/16 – 5/16

This project was my class' Thesis Film. I served as the Unit Production Manager during the entire process (Pre-Production - Post- Production) While working with this project I assisted the producer in the creation of the budget, and kept on updating the different production documents (Crew Deal Memos, Talent Agreements, hold Harmless Agreements, Location Agreements etc..) as it was needed. I also organized the catering and tech scout during pre-production. I created a complete production book/ wrap book in which all pertinent documentation, My role during production was more of an organizational one. I lead the Production Team (PA's, Coordinators, etc...) during the set- up, load in/out, and overall organization of the location and set so that the shooting process could be smooth and effortless.

11/15 – 2/16

Second Assistant Director (Grip) The Walk: A Christmas Story

Film (Short) — Full Sail University Productions Details
11/15 – 2/16

I started out as a grip, but due to unforeseen circumstances I was promoted to the Second Assistant Director position. As the 2nd AD I was in charge of completing Call Sheets for each day of production, and ensuring they were sent out via email to the entire cast and crew each night after wrap and ensure that there were physical copies available for the crew each morning prior to load out. I was also in charge of talent making to and from set on time. For this specific production we had child actors on set, so It was very important to ensure their safety and coordinate for them to be able to do homework and complete academic work while they were on break from shooting. During production I would gather the actors and take them to the green room for make-up and hair, would ensure they got their meals on time, and would answer any question regarding the production that they had.

1/16 – 1/16

Second Assistant Director Bad Magic

Film (Short) — Full Sail University Productions Details
1/16 – 1/16

I was more of a substitute Second Assistant director for this specific film. The producer of the film contacted me to let me know that his 2nd AD had to take leave for a portion of the day and I was needed to fill in. As the 2nd AD in this shoot i was mostly in charge of talent. Ensuring their arrival on set during the shoot and escorting them back to the green room during their breaks and for their custom changes.

12/15 – 12/15

Unit Production Manager (1st Assistant Director and 2nd Assistant Camera) Tally Marks

Film (Short) — Full Sail University Productions Details
12/15 – 12/15

"Tally Marks" was a short film shot as a class project. The crew for this project was very minimalistic. I had to serve as 1st AD, UPM, Make-Up, 2nd AC, and more. It was important to balance all of these roles as the shooting progressed. As 1st AD and UPM I handled the pre-production and the paperwork. As well as keeping the order in the set. As 2nd AC I made sure to keep track of the take and complete the camera reports. Make-Up was very basic, just ensuring that each cast member would have their makeup well done.

11/15 – 11/15

Unit Production Manager (1st Assistant Camera) The Crime That I Live In

Film (Short) — Full Sail University Productions Details
11/15 – 11/15

This was a short experimental film made for class. As the UPM i assisted with the paperwork and organizing the set. As 1st AC I was of help with the camera department. It was a single camera shoot, hand held for the most part.


  • Tally Marks

  • The Crime That I Live In (ShortFilm)


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Class of '16

Full Sail University

Film Production MFA

My Gear

  • 18-35mm Nikkon Lense
  • Assortment of lenses
  • AVID Media Composer
  • Final Cult Pro
  • Final Draft
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2016
  • Movie Magic Suite
  • Nikon D5500
  • Nikon L110
  • Pro Tools
  • ZoomH5


  • Adobe Premier
  • Budgeting
  • Development and Completion of Production Books
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Fluent in English
  • Fluent in Japanese
  • Fluent in Korean
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Knowledge of On-set Protocols
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Movie Magic Budgeting
  • Movie Magic Scheduling
  • Production Management
  • Scheduling
  • Script Breakdown
  • Script Tagging