Hello all! I recently moved to los angeles (like so many other film lovers) and I am trying to get out and find work. I'm a easygoing and hard worker. If you make obscure quotes to movies in your free time, then we will get along just fine!


5/16 – Current

Director (Also wrote) The Fall of Murkport

Film (Short) Details
5/16 – Current

Wrote the script, had to gather a team of 30 plus people to work for free. Casted the film, and location scouted. Had to stay in communication and direct each department to make sure everyone was working diligently.

2/17 – 2/17

Cinematographer Trail

Film (Short) Details
2/17 – 2/17

Had to interpret the script, and the directors vision to set up an atmosphere that the film took place in. From there I had to create the lighting design and camera style and shoot the short film.

2/17 – 2/17

Cinematographer Short Stop

Film (Short) Details
2/17 – 2/17

Set the style for the camera work and lighting. Set up and operated the camera, and directed the lighting set ups.

11/16 – 11/16

Camera Operator (Arri Sr3) Well Born

Film (Short) Details
11/16 – 11/16

I had to help build the camera, set up a variety of shots, and interpret what the director would want with particular scene's and shots to deliver his vision.


  • Trail Odeon Productions

  • In the Woods Between Aberdeen and Rockport - 2016 Film and Media


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Class of '17

Bowling Green State University

Film Production


  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Camera Op
  • 1st AC
  • 2nd AC
  • gaffing
  • gripping