Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chris Baum is an independent director who works with a variety of corporate, non-profit, and artist clients. Chris has worked at GoPro headquarters as an audio engineer, creating and improving GoPro products, most notably The Frame, a camera housing that helps capture crisp sound for film. Chris Graduate in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production from The Art Institute of California – San Francisco.


3/15 – 9/15

Director Construction Corral

Film (Short) — BaumBay Productions Details
3/15 – 9/15

Construction Corral is my college thesis film that I wrote, produced, and directed. I created storyboards, shot lists, and camera and lighting diagrams for the film. I also secured the location for the film and cast the actors. During post production I supervised ADR sessions and worked with the editor.

6/15 – 6/15

Gaffer –

Commercial/Ad Details
6/15 – 6/15

While working on the commercial I was in charge of setting up lighting and breaking it down.

11/14 – 11/14

Director – Immune Enhancement Project

Commercial/Ad Details
11/14 – 11/14

During pre-production I met with the client and we worked on building a commercial for their nonprofit clinic from scratch. We worked on a script, story boards, and shot lists. During production I Directed and worked behind the camera with my DP.

4/14 – 5/14

Director Swag on a Hunid

K-theory and G-wayt — Music Video — BaumBay Productions Details
4/14 – 5/14

While working on Swag on a Hunid I focused on camera and lighting placements for the green screen along with editing the music video.

1/13 – 1/14

Director The Real Housewives of Serial Killers

Youtube - Web Series — Internet — BaumBay Productions Details
1/13 – 1/14

As the creator of The Real Housewives of Serial Killers I had to wear many hats. While working on the project I directed, produced, gaffed, and operated the cameras.

3/13 – 3/13

Camera Operator Entropic Apogee

Film (Short) Details
3/13 – 3/13

While working as a camera operator I would ride in the back of a pick up as we filmed the main characters racing in their wheel chairs down hill. I worked with the original black magic camera on this production.

10/12 – 10/12

Director A Little too Old for This

Film (Short) — BaumBay Productions Details
10/12 – 10/12

While working on A Little too Old for This I performed the standard duties of a gaffer. I set up lighting along with breaking it down and wrapping and unwrapping cables.

5/12 – 6/12

Director Living With Lupus

Film (Short) — BaumBay Productions Details
5/12 – 6/12

Living With Lupus is a short documentary and had a very minimal crew. I supervised the camera operator and production sound along with securing locations and setting shoot schedules.



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Class of '15

The Art Institute of California San Francisco

Bachelors of Science in Digital Film and Video Production

My Gear

  • 2 GoPro Hero 4 Black Editions
  • 2 sets of Polsen ULW-96 Wireless Lavs
  • Acratech LEVEL BASE
  • All GoPro Accessories
  • Delvcam Camera-Top 7" HDMI LCD Monitor
  • liang steadicam
  • Manfrotto 028B Studio Pro Triman Tripod Legs
  • Manfrotto 190XDB 3-Section Tripod
  • Manfrotto 501 Tripod Head
  • Panasonic Lumix GH4
  • Slate
  • VariZoom 20" BLACK C-STAND


  • Abelton
  • After Effects
  • Budgeting
  • Call Sheets
  • Casting
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Gaffing
  • Parkour and Freerunning
  • Premier Pro
  • Pro Tools
  • Producing
  • Script Break Downs
  • Storyboards and Overhead Diagrams
  • Writing