Previously worked as a graphics operator for a Live, entertainment news show on Fox. Hard worker who will do any task, from office work, to camera, to field production.


7/14 – 4/17

Graphics (XPression Operator) – Bitesize Networks

7/14 – 4/17

Pre-pro: Tweak templates to fit needs of the show Export updated packages from Xpression, import into Blue Box, make sure templates are current in Inception Create templates for producers Select aspects of XPression templates that can be adjusted within Inception (material, position, scale) Pre-show: MOS the show rundown on Inception QC all Lower Thirds QC all graphics Make sure the number of graphics in the rundown match with the number of graphic cues in the script Resize Graphics in Inception to work better in Xpression Transcode new title card animations Import new title card animations Create credits/edit credits Show: Put TV rating on show Call up graphics during live production from XPression to air Call up L3s during live production from XPression to air Inform Director of what graphics are available for each segment Recall graphics from earlier in the show when needed Keep in constant communication with Asset Manager to inform them of QC issues or of new graphics we need pulled for the show Roll title cards before segments Adjust speed of credit roll (30s/10s) during last block according to time left in show

6/15 – 8/15

Graphics (Asset Manager) PS The BET Post Show

BET — Talk Show (TV)
6/15 – 8/15
3/15 – 8/15

Graphics (XPression Operator) Hollywood Today Live Digital Edition

Internet — Talk Show (TV) — Lin Media Details
3/15 – 8/15

Pull graphics from Getty Label graphics in proper format with numbers Add graphic numbers and label to Rundown Import all graphics onto flash drive Insert flash drive into XPression machine Move graphics from flash drive to XPression drive Create show folder on XPression drive Import graphics into XPression Reorder graphics per story Resize graphics for templates Create lower thirds Run Xpression

10/14 – 3/15

Audio Assistant Hollywood Today Live Digital Edition

Internet — Talk Show (TV) — BiteSize TV Details
10/14 – 3/15

Mic guests In studio audio levels

12/14 – 12/14

Set Production Assistant Open Hearts

Internet — Hud:Sun Media
12/14 – 12/14
9/14 – 9/14

Audio Assistant Collectors Cafe with Larry King Pilot

Talk Show (TV)
9/14 – 9/14
7/14 – 8/14

Audio Assistant The Daily Helpline Pilot

FOX — Talk Show (TV) — Dino Bones Productions
7/14 – 8/14
7/14 – 8/14

Production Assistant Hollywood Today Live Pilot

FOX — Talk Show (TV) — Bitesize Networks
7/14 – 8/14


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Class of '14

Hofstra University

BS in Video/Television and FIlm; Minor in Fine Arts

My Gear

  • Adobe CS5
  • Avid 6
  • Canon 70D
  • MacBook Pro
  • Photoshop


  • After Effects
  • Avid
  • Camera Operating
  • driving
  • editing
  • Excel
  • filing
  • Flim Production
  • organization
  • photography
  • Photoshop
  • Producing
  • Production Assistant
  • Ross Inception
  • Ross XPression
  • Scheduling
  • social media
  • Television Production
  • Word
  • XPression Design and Operation