Im a film maker from the south, I Love story, Imagination, pure creation from a single idea. Film is my passion. I have written and directed may short films and have don VFX for award winning festival films. I recently did the VFX for the Birthday Boys.


9/13 – 11/13

Editor (FCP) Treasure Hunters

Film (Theatrical) — Magic Elevator Production LLC Details
9/13 – 11/13

did color cor. and sync files, did a lot of organization for the film and then edited half of the feature together.

7/13 – 10/13

Assistant Editor (FCP, AE) A-Holes Anonymous 1

Internet — Internet Details
7/13 – 10/13

render and tighter up the edits, also did a full trascode on all the footage to link back up to original. edited the last 2 episodes. Did all the graphics and text as well.

5/13 – 7/13

Visual Effects Supervisor The Birthday Boys 1

IFC — Scripted (TV) — Dastolie digital Details
5/13 – 7/13

Responsible for making sure all effects were shot right for the effects, making sure tracking markers are there. Support the director and DP during the vfx shoots. We worked in full green screen, head replacements, and big set extensions.

3/13 – 6/13

Visual Effects Artist Private Life

Film (Theatrical) Details
3/13 – 6/13

Did a few vex shots and set extensions for the project.

4/13 – 4/13

Visual Effects Supervisor Sperm Boat Pilot

COMEDY — Scripted (TV) — Adult Swim Details
4/13 – 4/13

Ran the set when doing VFX shots. Big set extensions with moving camera. Logo replacement, and worked wit miniature set. Worked close to Director and DP for advice on the VFX shots. Worked on compositing in post as well.

6/12 – 1/13

Editor (FCP) Sympathy Pains

Film (Theatrical) — Daringly Dull Productions Details
6/12 – 1/13

Worked as the main editor, sync clips and worked close to the director about 25 hours a week and 30 on mown time. We complete the edit in january 2013.

11/11 – 4/12

Visual Effects Artist The Man in the Moon

Film (Theatrical) — Eskimo FIlms Details
11/11 – 4/12

Did a full set fill and extension. Turned a rock corey into the surface of the moon

8/11 – 4/12

Director Foot Trackers

Film (Theatrical) — Sweet Action Productions Details
8/11 – 4/12

I Worte and directed this film. Worked with a crew of 35,, we did big action scenes with stunts and Pyrotechnics. Worked with 3 actors and Edited the film as well.


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Class of '12


BS- Digital film making
Class of '09


Accs. Of Liberal Arts

My Gear

  • Adobe systems
  • FCP sytems


  • Scale Lab