A film festival selected writer/director with experience in producing, sound mixing, and digital editing. Skilled in the use of digital cinema cameras, Final Draft, Adobe Premiere, and both Macs and PCs.


11/20 – 11/21

Multi-Camera Director Tom and Joey (Season 1)

YouTube — Digital — CTR Studios Details
11/20 – 11/21

Operated the camera switchboard. Was in charge of deciding which of the three feeds to switch to during a given time. Also was in charge of putting the three cameras in position and setting them up to record. Show was recorded live.

11/20 – 12/20

Editor (Adobe Premiere) Booty Gum - Booty Claus

Soft Grunge — Music Video — Independent Film Details
11/20 – 12/20

Co-lead editor for the music video. I organized all the footage and project material. Edited the 3rd and 4th cut of the video. In charge of exporting and delivery for the client. Video goes live on December 10th.

10/20 – 12/20

Editor (Adobe Premiere)

Staff Position — Rockin' Wrestling Federation Details
10/20 – 12/20

Co-lead editor on all live events, skits, and promos.

10/20 – 12/20

Sound Mixer (Sole Audio Mixer and Recordist) Rockin' Wrestling Federation

YouTube — Live/Special Event — Rockin' Wrestling Federation Details
10/20 – 12/20

Stationed at the mixing board recording the wrestlers, the announcers, and the audience. Keeping all levels balanced. Also assisted with setting up and striking equipment. Zoom H6 was used.

10/20 – 12/20

DVD designer Rockin' Wrestling Federation: Charity Championship Bout

DVD — Live/Special Event — Rockin' Wrestling Federation Details
10/20 – 12/20

Assembled, designed, and exported a DVD for the Rockin' Wrestling Federation's Down Syndrome charity event. All proceeds from the DVD sales went to charity. The DVD included the main feature, a scene selection menu, and a special features menu with five bonus videos. I also included 3 hidden Easter eggs on the DVD.

4/20 – 11/20

Script Supervisor Annie's Voice

Vimeo — Film (Short) — Film Crew Technology, Columbia State Community College Details
4/20 – 11/20

Script Supervisor - Catalogued all shots filmed and rated them on usability for the editors. Kept track of continuity between shots. Took photographs before and after every shot. Transcribed all notes digitally for post production.

3/20 – 4/20

Editor (Adobe Premiere)

Independent Realtor — Advertising — Shannon Hickman - Realtor Details
3/20 – 4/20

Lead editor on several short promos for her real estate business

3/20 – 3/20

Key Grip Promotional Videos for Realtor

YouTube — Corporate — Self Employed Realtor Details
3/20 – 3/20

Handled setting up lights and arranging shots. Supplied Lighting Equipment Assisted in editing videos.


  • Nashville Filmmakers Guild
  • Columbia State Film Crew Technology


  • Debra Jarvis for Hamilton County Commissioner

  • The Golden Lipstick


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To whom it may concern,

Brandon Johantges graduated from our Film Crew Technology Certificate program in 2020. Although he and the other students had to deal with COVID-19 they last quarter of their program, he was able to rise above the challenge ...MORE...


Class of '20

Columbia State Community College

Film Crew Technology
Class of '17

Belmont University

B.S. in Motion Pictures

My Gear

  • Zoom H6 Digital Audio Recorder
  • Audio Technica Shotgun Microphone
  • Canon Rebel
  • Sennheiser Boom Mic
  • Panasonic Lumix
  • iMac i7
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Final Draft
  • Microsoft office 2020
  • Google Cloud Services
  • 300W Lighting Kit
  • Angenieux Super 16 and 35mm zoom lens


  • AVID Media Composer
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Social Media
  • Final Draft
  • Adobe Premiere
  • organization
  • Mac
  • Digital Cameras
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe Encore
  • iMovie
  • Movie Magic Scheduling
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Hard Working
  • Google
  • Computers
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Boom Mic Operation
  • Quick study
  • Dedication
  • Zoom Audio Recorder
  • Taking Direction
  • Creating Solutions