Excels at numerous writing styles including TV, film, video games, and creative marketing. Able to take a project from concept to completion. A specialist in designing the history, lore, and languages of a fictional world across multiple platforms.


9/17 – 12/17


HULU — Reality/Doc (TV) — ESL Details
9/17 – 12/17

- Produced 18 episodes of three different esports series, from concept to delivery in 3 1/2 months. - Supervised every stage of production from the format, writing, scheduling, production design, casting, onset production, to post production and delivery. - For Replay, ran a camera crew on location at IEM Oakland, covering multiple storylines including Counterstrike and PUBG tournaments.

6/16 – 8/16

Writer Blade Runner 2049 (Nexus Dawn)

Warner Brothers Studios — Film (Short) — 3AM Creative Details
6/16 – 8/16

- Conceived a wide variety of live action shorts, VR experiences, and real world exhibits. - Scripted several of these creative content pieces, including 2036: Nexus Dawn.

6/15 – 7/15


Disney Channel — Internet — Soapbox Films Details
6/15 – 7/15

- Wrote this 23 episode web series to promote the upcoming Disney Channel film, incorporating narrative elements from the film, novel, and animated series to expand the world of Auradon. - Garnered an initial audience of 3.27 million, and retained 82% of that audience across all 23 episodes.

3/12 – 5/15

Writer / Associate Producer / Mythology Coordinator DEFIANCE

SYFY — Scripted (TV) — Universal Cable Productions Details
3/12 – 5/15

- As a member of the writing staff, worked to plot the overall arc of the season, break individual stories, and give notes on scripts, casting, production design, and episode cuts. - Wrote episode #206: “This Woman’s Work,” episode #310: “When Twilight Dims the Sky Above,” as well as the final episode of The Lost Ones webisodes, “The Searcher.” - Functioned as the primary liaison with Trion (makers of the Defiance video game) to develop a shared world, including the design of unique scripted content which linked both platforms. - - Collaborated with our science consultant and linguist to develop additional backstory and alien languages. - Wrote a variety of materials for the marketing team, including the Defiance website, ebook, and second screen app. Also wrote THE DEFIANT FEW – a unique marketing campaign sponsored by Dodge which blended live action, motion comics, and interactive gaming. - Maintained a wiki containing hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from alternate timelines, New Earth geography, to the languages, technology and cultures of the seven alien races. Authored a large portion of these articles.


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University of Southern California

Film Production


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Excel
  • Final Draft
  • Google Docs
  • Wiki software
  • Word