I just love the industry. I have experience on both sides of the camera and an advanced understanding of production, crew and talent because of that. Great knowledge for creating, quality work, and spot-on intuition. Featured in magazines as new top brand


4/17 – 4/17

Production Designer (Lead) The BrowGal Launch

Live Event — Adakin Productions Details
4/17 – 4/17

Conceptualize, mood board, budgeting, shopping, building & set up.

4/17 – 4/17

Production Designer (Lead) – Zeiss

Commercial/Ad — Adakin Productions Details
4/17 – 4/17

Conceptualize, mood board, shop under budget, build/set up, light electrician work, maintain continuity.

1/16 – 12/16

Director – Vara Gianna

1/16 – 12/16

Consult, Conceptualize, write, design crew, production design, travel, direct crew, post production

9/15 – 9/16

Producer Brothers In Arms

Film (Theatrical) — Animus Films
9/15 – 9/16
9/13 – 12/13

Story Producer My Hollywood

BRAVO — Reality/Doc (TV) — New York LLC Details
9/13 – 12/13

Develop characters Prepare story Live logging/rewrites Create interview/questions Character interviews: manipulate characters to cry, laugh, say quotes Creating trust/bond with characters Directing Scheduling/holding meetings Writing: recaps, story, character descriptions, summaries & arcs, scripting episodes. Directing post Mental log: footage, specific details/quotes/shots within footage, story lines

8/11 – 10/13

Director of Development (Writer) Dani Aaron Pilot

Sizzle Reel — Scripted (TV) — Youth Productions Details
8/11 – 10/13

Co-Writing: Hold brainstorming meetings with writing partner Develop characters Develop story Write/script to the final treatment, pilot episode, season arc, and additional episodes Co-Producing: Decide on direction of look & feel of series Conduct casting Scheduling and shooting sizzle Directing post Music supervision

6/13 – 6/13

Producer (BTS Producer) The Event Premiere

Adakin Productions Details
6/13 – 6/13

BTS hire crew Scouting characters (out of 300 kids) Directing camera ops Writing shot list Managing shot list Conducting interviews OTF interviews Directing characters taking field notes creating conflict as needed writing recap, overview, summary directing post

7/12 – 7/12

Writer ((and Runner)) You're Thinking of Someone Else 1

Internet — Internet Details
7/12 – 7/12

I wrote an episode in the web series. I began as the runner.


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Class of '13

Jay Holben

Reality Production/Lighting/Editing Mentor
Class of '12

Adam Scott Franklin

Scripted Production/Writing/Editing Workshop
Class of '10

Janice Kent

Class of '09

Leslie Kahn

Class of '08

Doug Wilson

Reality Production Mentoring
Class of '05

Massachusetts College Of Art

Illustration, Music Theory
Class of '03

Bristol Studios

Pop/Rock Vocals
Class of '00

Newburyport School Of Music

Opera Vocals


  • adapting
  • beginner electrician
  • casting
  • comedy
  • common sense
  • connecting
  • consulting
  • Design
  • Directing
  • dramady
  • evolving
  • interior design
  • learning
  • makeup
  • multitasking
  • problem solving
  • producing
  • production design
  • script writer
  • set design
  • staffing
  • story boarding
  • story producer
  • strategy
  • talent relationships
  • writing