DP/OP based in North Carolina. Heavily traveled and multilingual documentary DP and speciality camera operator.


5/22 – 5/22

Director of Photography (DP) (Fx9) Kiddie Kai (Season 1)

TLC — TV — Hot Snakes Media Details
5/22 – 5/22

Shot pickup interviews for Kiddie Kai Season 1.

5/22 – 5/22

Camera Operator (Fx9) MIT SOLVE

YouTube — Digital — Redglass Pictures Details
5/22 – 5/22

Help with setup and operate easyrig on verite scenes as well as drone opening and closing shots for show.

5/22 – 5/22

Director of Photography (DP) (Canon C300iii) GCS Kinder Camp

YouTube — Digital — Told by Shift Details
5/22 – 5/22

Worked with art to design sets and lighting for 4 different setups for teachers to run online classes. Light and lensed for a 3 camera setup and worked with DIT to create a fast and efficient workflow for the show to go smoothly.

11/21 – 5/22

Director of Photography (DP) (Fx9) Krispy Kreme Social Media Promos

Krispy Kreme — Advertising — Fullscale productions Details
11/21 – 5/22

Light and lens donuts coming out of a glazer as well as beauty shots on greenscreen and High speed shots of falling sprinkles, chocolate, cereal, etc...

4/22 – 4/22

Director of Photography (DP) (Fx9, Fx6) Cruel Inventions (Pilot)

Discovery — TV — Magilla Entertainment Details
4/22 – 4/22

Created lighting diagrams, lit and lensed interviews, reality verite beats, build car rigs, and work with showrunners to capture a very interesting show featuring celebrities testing and recreating old inventions.

3/22 – 3/22

Director of Photography (DP) (Sony Fx9) Duke Prostate Cancer PSA

Duke Health — Advertising — Blueline Details
3/22 – 3/22

Lit and lenses three interviews and broll as well as verite through the hospital that saved an NBA Allstars life when he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Shot on Fx9, Fx6 on movi, and Kowa Anamorphics.

1/22 – 3/22

Director of Photography (DP) (Fx9) Autopsy (Season 6)

1/22 – 3/22

Light and lens interviews and small b roll shots of interviews with celebrities and relatives of celebrities.

2/16 – 1/22

Director of Photography (DP) (Canon 500/Sony FS7/Sony A7sii) American Neighbor

Film (Feature-length) — Frontrunner Productions Details
2/16 – 1/22

Lighting and setting frames for interviews as well as handheld/steadicam following our subjects in their day to day life. Planning shoot times and locations/scouting locstions beforehand for angles.


  • NPPA



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Brent Clark
Director of Photography (DP)
Caleb has a sophisticated eye and thorough technical know how. He is a pro at directing and shooting in a wide variety of lighting situations, hand held, on sticks, with a dolly, or on a gimbal. Going above and beyond is second nature to him becaus ...MORE...


Class of '10

California Baptist University

B.A. Philosophy of Religion

My Gear

  • GoPro
  • Canon 24-70mm Lens
  • Canon L series Lens
  • Canon C500
  • Odyssey 7Q+
  • Tascam DR-680
  • Rode NTG3 Shotgun Microphone
  • Rode NTG2 Shotgun Microphone
  • Atomos Ninja 2
  • Zacuto Rig
  • Canon L Series 70-200mm
  • Wendt X5
  • Sennheiser G2
  • 2 small LED "hideaway" light
  • 3 LED Panel Lighting (500W equivalent)
  • Dracast Pro 3 Tripod
  • Oscar Sound
  • OST-801/802
  • Rokinon CineLenses
  • Sony UWP d11
  • Zoom H4n Digital Multitrack Recorder
  • SIgma Cine 18-35
  • Sony Fx9
  • Sigma cine 50-100


  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • ENG
  • Film
  • Music Videos
  • Reality TV
  • Camera
  • Sound
  • Cinematography
  • Timelapse
  • interview
  • Lighting
  • run and gun
  • Cinematic
  • Sports Doc
  • Docu-style shooting