Ohio native hungry for industry experience! Strong attention to detail and fun to be around.


1/23 – 5/23

Post Production Assistant The Wonder Years (Season 2)

ABC — TV — 20th Century Fox Television Details
1/23 – 5/23

While prepping, I liaised with vendors and coordinated AVID deliveries for our editors. Once footage came in and cuts were completed, I would QC and report to my team if there was anything off or incorrect in the assemblies. I assembled and updated our PIX distro list and would send out cuts on occasion. I also handled billing matters with vendors and attended color, mix, and feedback sessions.

10/22 – 1/23

Writer's Assistant Untitled Lucasfilm Project

Film (Feature-length) — Lucasfilm, Ltd. Details
10/22 – 1/23

As the Writers PA for season 2 of a show as well as an upcoming feature film, my day-to-day was assisting the showrunner with anything that came up, sitting in on the room and taking notes when needed, and updating story beats for the episodes as they were broken. I also acted as office manager, setting up each writers' office with decorations, crafty, and office supplies.

10/21 – 11/22

Post Production Assistant Willow (Season 1)

Disney+ — TV — Lucasfilm, Ltd. Details
10/21 – 11/22

I provided support for the editorial team in just about every area - I coordinated playback, color, and sound spotting sessions. I assisted with ADR and LoopGroup needs. I printed and organized the facing/lined pages as they came in for the editors, and kept in touch with the Script Supervisor if there were any questions. When we held screenings, I was typically the one in charge of all organizational efforts. I would also occasionally assist the editors in finding pulls for trailers, and would QC cuts when needed.

4/21 – 10/21

Post Production Assistant American Ninja Warrior (Season 13)

NBC — TV — A. Smith & Co. Productions Details
4/21 – 10/21

My role was frequently referred to as a "media librarian." I would check in, back up, and keep logs of all of our footage. This ranged from the gameshow shoots, the hometown spots for contestants, and media that the contestants sent in on their own for consideration. It was on me to ensure that this media made it to the AE's properly. Other duties included QC'ing cuts, providing support for VO sessions, and helping out around the office when needed.

11/20 – 4/21

Digitizer Fox Archival

Fox — Digital — The PPS Group Details
11/20 – 4/21

For a large project concerning the digitization and archival of old newscasts, I worked with The PPS Group as an assistant. I organized, catalogue, cleaned, and checked in tapes, preparing them for the encoder. I also took part in the marking process once the tapes had been encoded and occasionally edited dailies to show to the client. On top of that, I assisted with day-to-day office tasks.

6/20 – 12/20

Videographer Hamilton County Safe Communities

YouTube — Digital — Tri-Health Details
6/20 – 12/20

For Hamilton County Safety Committees, I produced, directed, and edited videos that promoted safe driving habits. I reported to the grant coordinator and discussed methods of making instructional videos entertaining for new drivers. I also took part in research projects concerning driving habits.

9/19 – 5/20

Editor Ohio University Communications & Marketing

YouTube — Digital — Ohio University Details
9/19 – 5/20

I edited and occasionally shot several promotional videos for OU's school of education, serving as advertisements and informational material for the school.


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Class of '20

Ohio University

BS in Communications


  • Video Editing
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Photoshop