Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker and Actress (SAG-AFTRA) Current Projects: Director/Producer/Writer of Documentary Feature Film on Bullying and Youth Suicide "BULLIES AND FRIENDS"


10/13 – 4/14

Director (Producer, Writer, Narrator, Set Design, Supervising Editor) The Bullying Crisis

Film (Short) — McMillan FilmWorks, Ltd. Details
10/13 – 4/14

Writing of Scripts, Directed Production team, scheduling, budgeting, financials, locations, hiring of cinematographer, hiring of crew, set design, shooting schedule, editing with editor- plotted out edits, scenes, hiring of composer, worked with music composer on score. As Producer - oversaw all aspects of completion of film.

8/11 – 8/12

Director (Producer, Writer, Research, Conducted all Subject Interviews on Camera, Supervis) BULLIES AND FRIENDS

Film (Feature-length) — McMillan FilmWorks, Ltd. Details
8/11 – 8/12

Oversee all aspects of Production: casting, interviews, financial costs, hiring, locations, budgets, work with cinematographer, scheduling. Researched/investigated precedent court case involved in story. Conducted all interviews. Worked with legal officials, attorneys.

11/11 – 4/12

Production Consultant (Advisor) No One Knows

Film (Short) — Freestyle Productions Details
11/11 – 4/12

Advisor. Script read through, Production, Film Festivals, Outreach.

9/09 – 4/10

Script Supervisor (Actress) War of Heaven

Film (Short) — JB Prods. Details
9/09 – 4/10

Script Read Through, Script Notes, On-Set Script supervision, continuity. Film Slate marking - scene orders. Location coordination.


  • Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA)


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Florida Atlantic University

Communications/Broadcast Journalism Degree B.A.


  • Producing
  • Television
  • Directing
  • Director
  • Film Production
  • Producer
  • Production
  • Writing
  • Research
  • Interviews
  • Locations
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Film Festivals
  • Marketing
  • Acting
  • Screenwriter
  • Story Development
  • Talent Wrangling
  • Actress
  • Voice-Overs
  • Speaker
  • Brand Imaging
  • Investigations
  • Media Contributor Radio