As a highly versatile creative producer, I combine my passion for people, business and storytelling to create content that shifts perspectives, explores identity and encourages others to become more enlightened.


8/18 – 8/18

Director of Photography (DP) (FS5) Football Town

NFL Network — Reality/Doc (TV) — Envision Media Arts
8/18 – 8/18
11/15 – 9/17

Director (PBS Release February 16th 2018) In Tune: The Ben Tucker Story

Film (Theatrical) — Independent Details
11/15 – 9/17

I am the founding president of the Ben Tucker Documentary Fund LTD which was created in February of 2016 to secure funding for our feature length documentary. With the help of IndieGoGo and Friends of Ben Non-profit, I was able to raise approximately $22,000 to support our film. As Executive Producer, I am in charge of the ensuring the film is completed within the designated time frame, within our budget, and with a tasteful artistic and technical standard. Some of my main duties are to oversee and manage the account, the crew, the production and to find the correct route for distribution. I frequently work as a public relations agent to coordinate with the local news stations WSAV and WTOC to help promote our fundraising campaign and engage the public to be a part of our production. Because this is a small documentary crew I take on many roles outside of Executive Producer, in addition I am a Director and Producer. As Producer I have coordinated interviews with more than 30 people including travel coordination to New York, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, North Carolina and South Carolina. I communicate and collaborate with the crew to ensure that everyone is on time and at the proper location. I act as an investigative journalist in order to scout out the correct people to interview and the proper locations to film. As a Director, I have personally conducted and interviewed over 30 people. From December to the present time I have been filming on average once a week whether it be an interview, event or B-roll footage. On set I manage the crew making sure we are working in a professional and timely manner. I work with the videographer to set up the camera and lights to create a visually appealing shot. I work with location sound to create the highly quality sound possible. I create transcriptions of the interviews in order to prepare for the post-production process. I have written a treatment and story structure to help outline and organize the interviews with the B-Roll footage. I have helped to collect and catalogue archival footage and photographs dating back to the 1960s. In addition to my other duties, I have assisted as videographer at least once a week for the past 9 months including major local events and concerts such as the Savannah Music Festival and Savannah Jazz Festival. As Executive Producer, Producer and Director I am constantly utilizing my verbal and written communications skills to collaborate with my crew, interviewers and the public at large. With my team management skills, I have supervise and direct a team of 20 students. In all of my duties, I oversee the post-production process and work with a team of editors to stay on deadline for our Fall 2017 deadline. We will be premiering at the Savannah Jazz Festival and Savannah Film Festival as an initial release. Afterwards we plan to work with PBS to have it seen on national television.

11/16 – 12/16

Location Manager The Divorce Party

Film (Theatrical) — The Divorce Party Productions Details
11/16 – 12/16

As the Location Manager I was in charge of scouting and securing all the locations for the feature film. I collaborated with local restaurants and businesses, negotiated the fees and coordinated with the city to acquire permits. With the resources available to me I was able to secure over 20 locations in Savannah mostly free of charge. During production I was first in and last to leave. While supervising the locations I would often trouble-shoot for sound, production design, grip, crafty and transportation. When there were concerns from local businesses or neighboring citizens, I would calmly and rationally help to find a viable compromise. I created spreadsheets for the budget, agreements and locations to keep organized and on task. I attained base camps, arranged transportation from base camp to set and maintained the safety of the crew and actors.

9/16 – 9/16

Still Photographer Savanna Jazz Festival

Live Event — South Magazine
9/16 – 9/16
1/16 – 9/16

Producer (Red Dot Communications Award 2017 ) Little Elegy

Film (Short) — Independent Details
1/16 – 9/16

Working with the writer, I helped to develop the screenplay to allow the story to resinate with an audience. I worked with casting agents and casting websites to locate actors for the role. I organized and conducted auditions in the Savannah and Atlanta area. I was the videographer and co-editor for the Kickstarter video. I wrote and helped to promote the Kickstarter as well, all in all raising close to $3500 for the short film. I created a budget and supervised the funds raised from the crowd-funder. I spent two months tracking down the proper locations for the script including a historical museum in Effingham County and a dairy farm in Statesboro. I organized and negotiated the contracts for each film location. I helped to recruit all major crew including the cinematographer, editor, production designer, location sound and sound designer. I worked with the director to organize the shooting schedule for each day of filming. On set, I managed the entire production including crew, actors, catering and locations to ensure safety and efficiency. In addition on set I utilized my videography skills to capture behind the scenes footage which will be cut together for promotional material. After the production was finished I worked with the director and editor to supervise the post- production process. I found numerous sound designers to help us compose, mix, re-record dialogue and do follow up voiceovers. I worked with the director and director of photography to color correct the shots before exporting. For promotion and marketing, I created a Facebook page and website for our film to gain followers and further our chances of getting into film festivals. I am currently working with the director to submit to film festivals throughout the world. We will be continuing this process for the next two years in hopes of finding the best method of distribution.

2/16 – 4/16

Director – Champion Athletic Apparel (SCAD)

Commercial/Ad — SCAD
2/16 – 4/16
12/15 – 4/16

Producer (Documentary) Spitfire Poetry

Film (Short) — SCAD
12/15 – 4/16
3/16 – 3/16

Producer Savannah Music Festival

Live Event — Savannah Music Festival
3/16 – 3/16


  • Friends of Ben Non-Profit
  • Savannah Film Festival
  • Savannah Jazz Festival
  • Savannah Music Festival
  • South Magazine



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Class of '16

Savannah College of Art and Design

Film and Television
Class of '13

Cannes Film Festival

Producer's Workshop
Class of '10

Barbrizon Pro-Model and Talent

Class of '10

Dale Carnegie Public Speaking

Public Speaking Graduate Course

My Gear

  • Canon C100
  • Red Epic
  • Sony FS100
  • Blackmagic
  • Experienced with Canon 5D Mark III
  • Experienced with Sony FS7
  • Minolta XG-1


  • AVID Media Composer
  • Director
  • editor
  • writer
  • Budgeting
  • Event Planning
  • Supervisor
  • Color Correction
  • Graphic Design
  • Videographer
  • Organized
  • Community Outreach
  • Customer Service
  • negotiator
  • researcher
  • creative producer
  • Blogger
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Website Design
  • Detail Oriented
  • Team Oriented
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strategy Development
  • Social Media Proficient
  • Travel Agent
  • Excellent Verbal and Written Communications
  • Sound Minor
  • Photo and Video Editing
  • Gregarious
  • dilligent
  • 90 wpm typist
  • Basic Protools
  • Non-Profit Work
  • Photographer for Film and Digital
  • PR Agent
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suites