Freelance camera utility with a broadcast engineering background available for work on multi-camera gameshows, live events, and sitcoms.


2/18 – 3/18

Camera Utility The Bachelor (Season 22)

ABC — TV — NZK Productions, Inc. Details
2/18 – 3/18

As a camera utility I was responsible for building ped camera and monitor setups, troubleshooting equipment, running/dressing video cable, faxing cameras, wrangling the operator's cable for the studio portion of the show, and striking the equipment once we wrapped.

11/17 – 11/17

Camera Utility Crashletes (Season 3)

Nickelodeon — TV — Superjacket Productions / Purple Shark Details
11/17 – 11/17

Ran video cable, ran comms cable, built jib harness, set up and mounted GoPros, faxed cameras, wrangled cable for handheld camera operator filming live unscripted action that often required me to run and coil at the same time, struck show.

11/17 – 11/17

Camera Utility Talk Show the Game Show

TruTV — TV — Push It Productions Details
11/17 – 11/17

Wrangled Ped and handheld cable, quickly swapped lens and viewfinder for handheld operation on new Ikegami cameras, mounted and patched SDI to HDMI converter on the fly for set-piece monitor during show.

11/17 – 11/17

Camera Utility Pointless

BBC — TV — Superjacket Productions / Purple Shark Details
11/17 – 11/17

Struck video equipment

11/17 – 11/17

Camera Utility Lakers vs Bulls

TV — NZK Productions, Inc. Details
11/17 – 11/17

Helped set up the fiber optic feed connecting The Staples Center in DTLA to Atlanta for NBA TV, patched the camera feed to Atlanta for halftime interviews swapping back to the program feed upon completion, wrangled the handheld operator's cable during court-side interviews, assisted camera during post game press interviews in the dressing room (making sure the operator and producer had a place to stand in the hectic environment where everyone was competing for space).

10/17 – 10/17

Camera Utility Knight Squad (Season 1)

Nickelodeon — TV — Automatic Twins Productions, Inc Details
10/17 – 10/17

Wrangled cable for ped camera, moved cameras to different sets while plugged in making sure none of the cables got trapped or tangled, patched camera harnesses with 5 lines each before show, faxed cameras.

10/17 – 10/17

Camera Utility The Steve Harvey Show

NBC — TV Details
10/17 – 10/17

Faxed Cameras, wrangled cable for moving ped camera, assisted steadicam utility in dressing cable when crossing stage.

10/17 – 10/17

Camera Utility I Love You, America!

Hulu — TV — Automatic Twins Productions, Inc Details
10/17 – 10/17

Ran cable for 3 new monitors being added, troubleshooted and fixed feed for rear projector and on stage monitor, wrangled cable for ped camera, faxed cameras.


  • IATSE Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild (ICG)


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Class of '11

Drexel University

Bachelor of Science

My Gear

  • Sony a7S
  • Rode Shotgun Microphone
  • Steadicam Solo Arm and Vest Kit


  • Broadcast
  • Camera Operator
  • Game Shows
  • DSLR
  • Multicam
  • Troubleshooting
  • Sitcoms
  • camera utility
  • Engineer
  • Sony A7sII
  • Soldering
  • Video Technician
  • Coiling cable
  • Running Cable
  • Mirrorless Camera
  • Camera Ped
  • Dressing cable
  • Equipment install
  • Sony HDC - 1500 Camera System
  • Sony HDC - 1700 Camera System
  • Sony HDC - 2500 Camera System
  • Terminating cable