Officially, a post-graduate nomad. Unofficially, a story-teller. Trying to make that official. I’m a hardworking individual with a strong passion for film. My inner child imagination pushes me to bring forth creativity to where it lacks.


10/18 – 12/18

Post Production Intern – Xvision Imaging

Commercial/Ad — Xvision Imaging Details
10/18 – 12/18

Honing my skills in photo retouching with Photoshop Cultivating new techniques in 2D/ 3D animation and modeling with After Effects and Cinema 4D Editing video reels for the company’s online presence

12/17 – 7/18

Video Engineer UF College of Pharmacy

Corporate Details
12/17 – 7/18

Produced & maintained educational content for online delivery Created custom graphics for the college’s promotional packages using Photoshop and After Effects Recorded & edited lecture captures and studio recordings for over 20 courses

12/17 – 5/18

Production Designer Calypso

Film (Short) — University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Details
12/17 – 5/18

Built design concepts for the sets & character requirements and modifications Communicated with art directors and make-up artists & provided design specifications Saved approximately 30% of the props & wardrobe budget to gear it towards post-production costs

1/18 – 4/18

Art Director Brothers

Film (Short) — UF Senior Thesis Films Details
1/18 – 4/18

Collaborated with the production designer to assess and create the aesthetic of the film. Arranged props and the sets provided by the design specifications.

9/17 – 2/18

Casting Director (For four consecutive short films) Calypso, Court Ordered, Fudge Pops, Mixed Signals

Film (Short) — Narrative Collaborative Filmmaking Details
9/17 – 2/18

Organized a casting call of over 50 people for three short films through social media marketing and local theater programs Created and adjusted descriptions and sides for video submission auditions through the use of Breakdown Express Assisted the directors in the casting of all roles in each film by evaluating the performances

9/17 – 12/17

Production Designer Court Ordered

Film (Short) — Narrative Collaborative Filmmaking Details
9/17 – 12/17

Identified visual factors within the script Planned and monitored the design budget Assessed potential locations, wardrobe, and props Scouted locations that fit the mood of the film & within the film’s schedule and budget Involved with set construction & costume changes to achieve the set & character requirements

9/17 – 11/17

Art Director Mixed Signals

Film (Short) — Narrative Collaborative Filmmaking Details
9/17 – 11/17

Collaborated with the production designer to realize the look and feel of the film Assessed and solved with issues of continuity on set Managed the wardrobe and props on set

9/17 – 11/17

Sound Mixer Fudge Pops

Film (Short) — Narrative Collaborative Filmmaking Details
9/17 – 11/17

Mixed various audio sources to ensure best sound quality with the sound mixer 744T Flagged any audio issues during sessions to avoid pick-ups and/ or retakes


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Class of '18

University of Florida

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication Production

My Gear

  • Tripod
  • Canon 7D Mark II
  • Laptop with editing software


  • Producing
  • Photoshop
  • AfterEffects
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Storytelling
  • Video Editing
  • Casting Director
  • Adobe premiere
  • Videography
  • Lighting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Audition
  • InDesign
  • Art Direction
  • Sound Editing
  • Production Assistant
  • Production design
  • Sound mixing
  • 1st AD
  • ATEM Switcher
  • Basics of Cinema 4D
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • Social Media Marketing and Promoting