Colin, an Assistant Editor, based in Los Angeles, has 1 Assistant Editor credit and 3 Post Production Assistant credits, and has been a member since 2013.


1/15 – Current

Assistant Editor (AVID) Development / Ice Lake Rebels / I Am Jazz

Reality/Doc (TV) — This is Just a Test Productions Details
1/15 – Current

AE in development and Ice Lake Rebels (Animal Planet), I Am Jazz (TLC), and Missing Dial (Nat Geo). For shows I build and export cuts for all shows internally and to network, AMA, transcode, sync, group. For development I pull footage, import, organize and group field footage, export cuts daily.

7/14 – 1/15

Post Production Assistant Hacking the System 1

NATGEO — Reality/Doc (TV) — Ping Pong Productions Details
7/14 – 1/15

Worked with 3 AEs, helped with labeling and organizing footage and grouping. Daily tasks included finding stock footage, preparing network deliverables (release logs, music cue sheets, chyron logs, acquired footage logs, set still logs, web facts), transcribing both clean and annotated scripts, burning DVD deliverables.

4/14 – 6/14

Post Production Assistant Big Rig Bounty Hunters 2

HISTORY — Reality/Doc (TV) — Relativity Media Details
4/14 – 6/14

Worked alongside 4 AEs, helped with cutting selects from OTFs, finding stock footage, script syncing. Daily tasks included exporting cuts with timecode burn for transcription, trascribing episode scripts mounting ISIS drives for all story, editor, and AE computers, prepaing network deliverables (Music Cue Sheets, Timing Sheets, Chyron Logs), transcribing, burning DVDs.

4/14 – 4/14

Production Assistant – Motion Picture & Television Fund

4/14 – 4/14

Set up offices, arranged catering & craft services, and went on various runs for the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s benefit show

3/14 – 3/14

Production Assistant Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards

NICK/NOGGIN — Live / Special Event (TV) — T-Rox Productions Details
3/14 – 3/14

Shot dance auditions and practices on Sony EX3, organized holding rooms, set up PA systems, went on various runs

7/13 – 1/14

Post Production Assistant The X Factor 3

FOX — Reality/Doc (TV) — FremantleMedia Details
7/13 – 1/14

Avid 6 (Script Syncing, Importing, Up-resing, Ingesting), XDCAM Tape labeling/library organization, DVD burning/labeling, deliverable prepping and delivering, transcribing (89wpm), creating Excel spreadsheets and Word documents, cleaning, shopping, stocking snacks and drinks,taking food and coffee orders, and going on Various runs

1/12 – 2/12

Director Oops!

Film (Theatrical) Details
1/12 – 2/12

Wrote and directed a 15 minute thesis film with a student crew from the Los Angeles Film School


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Class of '12

The Los Angeles Film School

Associate of Science in Film

My Gear

  • Car
  • Macbook Pro


  • AMA
  • Exporting
  • Grouping
  • ISIS
  • LTO
  • MPEG Streamclip
  • Syncing