Copious, a Graphic Designer, based in Culver City, has 1 Graphic Designer credit, and has been a member since 2019.


7/15 – Current

Graphic Designer (Concept / Production/Layout Artist & Designer) – City of Los Angeles / =Lucid Designs

7/15 – Current

- Meet with clients to discuss their vision and the projects marketing needs - Create visual concepts in drawn form and through illustrator, InDesign as well as Photoshop -Develop overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines and corporate reports. - Collaborate on deadlines for presentations -Develop and implement business strategy -Identify and develop key messages on behalf of clients -Shape client’s image and identify target markets -Produce/Direct/Edit Visual Marketing Presentations -Direct Photoshoots of Products -Write and Produce music to accompany video display of product -Write Music for Brand presentation -Pitch ideas to potential clients Establish and negotiate commissions -Manage all social media outlets for promotional purposes -Create designs, images and graphics -Develop and monitor budget -Monitor lifestyle and design trends -Produce clients’ logos and corporate colors -Collaborate with clients in development of brand strategies and designs -Quality control over design, production and distribution


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  • Editing
  • voice over
  • design
  • Composing
  • painting
  • Fashion Design
  • Production Assistant
  • Songwriter
  • Narration
  • Life Coach
  • sculpture
  • Creative Branding
  • Singer
  • Actress
  • Speaker
  • Speech writer
  • wood work
  • Installation Artist