Video editor, screenwriter, cameraman and director. Many years experience in Final Cut 7 and X, currently edit on Adobe Premiere Pro. Past work has covered short films, documentaries, news packages and promotional pieces.


1/18 – 2/18

Cinematographer Swedish-Rhapsody

Film (Short) Details
1/18 – 2/18

Camera operator and directed lighting of sets and outdoor shots. Maintain consistent look per directors vision.

10/17 – 11/17

Director The Long Look Back

Film (Short) — Dirty Boot Film Productions Details
10/17 – 11/17

Directed camera movement, frame composition during filming along with actor movement, timing and delivery. Secured shooting locations, filming permits, insurance, crew and cast contracts. Directed setup of set dressing and costuming of the actors. Obtained craft services along with lunch, dinner and lodging accommodations.

10/17 – 10/17

Production Assistant Fried, Grilled & Chilled 1

FOOD — Reality/Doc (TV) — Lando Entertainment Details
10/17 – 10/17

Drove equipment, talent and crew to and from filming locations and lodging accommodations. Obtained release signatures from background extras and restaurant employees. Helped load and unload gear. Took food and drink orders for cast and crew, made misc. runs for crew and talent.

9/17 – 9/17

Camera Operator (Nikon D5300) H3 America 2017 Veteran's Fishing Tournament — Internet — Dirty Boot Film Productions
9/17 – 9/17
6/17 – 9/17

Camera Operator (Black Magic Ursa) Objects In the Mirror

Film (Theatrical) — Manhattan Arts Center Details
6/17 – 9/17

Prepare Black Magic Ursa camera for operation. Set up camera rig, tripod, audio cables, matte box etc. Check memory cards, camera settings. Control camera movement during recordings, adjust framing, distance etc.

7/17 – 8/17

Production Assistant Lakota In America

Square — Film (Short) — Even Odd Films Details
7/17 – 8/17

Hauled grip and lighting equipment. Assisted with on set duties and clean up. Helped with loading in and loading out equipment. Made equipment and supply runs as needed.

4/17 – 5/17

Production Assistant (Grip) Veteran Makeover 1

LIFETIME — Reality/Doc (TV) — Through A Glass Productions Details
4/17 – 5/17

Helped with loading and unloading grip and lighting equipment. Helped set up light stands, lay out and secure stingers, lock down set, make supply runs. Helped grip during some MOVI rig shots, ran slate.

9/16 – 3/17

Director The Long Look Back Concept Trailer

FB, YouTube, Vimeo — Internet — Dirty Boot Film Productions
9/16 – 3/17


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Class of '12

University of Mary

BS in Mass Communication

My Gear

  • GoPro Hero 3
  • HD Video Editing Laptop
  • Nikon D5300


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • back country hiking and camping
  • Editor in Premiere Pro
  • equestrian
  • Final Cut
  • Screenplay and Script Writer