Story/Field AP, but great w/ logistics and experienced in just about every department. Able to shoot cam/drone if needed, and I'm great with gear. Field tested and willing to get hands dirty! Passport and ability to travel on short notice.


7/20 – 7/20

Associate Producer Badgerland IdeaLease

Digital — Corporate — Video Design Productions, Inc. Details
7/20 – 7/20

Assisted with scene set up, G&E, and operating teleprompter.

2/20 – 3/20

Transportation Coordinator Volcano Live! with Nik Wallenda

ABC — Live / Special Event (TV) — Dick Clark Productions Details
2/20 – 3/20

Part of Transpo team. Responsible for co-coordinating transpo for team of about 200 crew members, locals to and from the filming location of the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua all while following security protocol. Our team received accolades from crew, EP & creative, and Line Producers. Oversaw a fleet of over 20 vehicles and buses while communicating in English and Spanish.

1/20 – 2/20

Transportation Coordinator (Transpo) NFL Honors 2020 (Season 9)

CBS — Award (TV) — Big TV Inc.
1/20 – 2/20
1/20 – 1/20

Producer/Shooter Scholastic Action Magazine

Digital — Digital — Associated Press Details
1/20 – 1/20

Filmed and field produced segment for “Action Teens” segment. Collected footage and b-roll and conducted OTF and sit down interviews with subjects.

4/19 – 12/19

Associate Producer (Field/Story) Saved By The Barn (Season 1)

Animal Planet — Reality/Doc (TV) — High Noon Entertainment Details
4/19 – 12/19

Field Notes that Post loved! OTFs Occasionally producing segments continuity setting up video village Calling camera shots from monitors to DP and B and C cams Anything Everything

7/18 – 9/19

Production Manager Warpath

Film (Theatrical) — Panoramic Pictures Details
7/18 – 9/19

Assisting with line producing in pre-production on various projects; booking crew, rental equipment, vehicles, travel/hotels; managing unit during production; accounting, managing locations etc. Negotiating best rates on above; permitting and dealing with local officials when needed. Obtaining production insurance policy covering general production items, animals (horses), fights scenes and water scenes.

3/19 – 5/19

Associate Producer The Things We Tell the Ones We Love

Amazon — Film (Short) Details
3/19 – 5/19

Assisted in Pre-production, SAG paperwork, gathering of props, supplies, wardrobe; arranging meals, portos; Arranging transpo for talent; talent wrangling, etc.

4/19 – 4/19

Camera Operator (Sony PMW-EX3) Skyler Stecker at the Majestic Theater (Madison, WI)

Skyler Stecker — Music Video — Video Design Productions, Inc. Details
4/19 – 4/19

B-Camera Operator for wider shots of stage performance for artist's promotional package. Performance at Majestic Theater in Madison, WI. Shot on Sony platform (EX-3)


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Amber Blaeser
Constantine is a great co-worker and really knows his stuff. His energy is motivating and he helps keep the production running smoothly. Constantine is a team player. I really enjoyed working with him. ...MORE...
Angela Kendall
Production Manager / Fixer
Constantine is one of the best PA's I have ever worked with. He is obviously over-qualified for that position, but that didnt stop him from working hard and doing everything that was asked of him. I had very little to worry about while he was on set. ...MORE...


Class of '20

Safe Sets International

Covid-19 Level A Certification

University of Toledo

Bachelor of Arts

Owens Community College

Real Estate Pre-Licensing

My Gear

  • GoPro
  • Laptop
  • Drone
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • US Passport
  • Toolkit
  • Makita Power Tool Set
  • surveillance
  • Sony FS100 super 35mm


  • Reality
  • Film
  • Research
  • Logistics
  • Interviewing
  • Drone Pilot
  • Fixer
  • Management
  • Lighting
  • Travel
  • Google Suite
  • coordinating
  • Art
  • coordinator
  • transpo
  • Real Estate
  • GoPro
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Drone
  • Commercial
  • Talent
  • Sourcing
  • Construction
  • Driving
  • Driver
  • Basic lighting
  • Bartending
  • Releasing
  • Passport
  • Set
  • Production Stills
  • Art Dept
  • Power Tools
  • bar
  • crowd/talent wrangling
  • Former Realtor
  • Story logging