Primarily a documentarian, I obsess over pushing image and sound recording techniques to capture phenomenon in a way that reveals something we might have never otherwise noticed about our world.


12/16 – 12/16

Second Assistant Camera (and general set help, grip, gaff, sound etc) Born Forlorn

Film (Short) Details
12/16 – 12/16

Director: Aaron Beckum, DP: Drew Bienneman My responsibilities: it was a small crew so I acted as a general aid, second ACing, gaffing, sometimes running sound, gripping, etc. Shot on an Arri 35mm film cam with a variety of car mounting, dolly, and tripod shots. Highlight: racing to set up the dolly in the middle of the desert in Joshua Tree before the sun set to get the last shot before wrap.

12/16 – 12/16

First Assistant Camera The Shores

Film (Short) — LockeWorkz Details
12/16 – 12/16

changing lenses, keeping lenses clean, setting up lights and scrims, mounting the camera on tripod, slider, or cinematographer's shoulder, slating

10/15 – 8/16

Camera Operator (A7sII) Becoming

Film (Theatrical) — Independent Details
10/15 – 8/16

story development + research, camera operator or sound recordist depending on the needs of the shoot

5/16 – 6/16

Director Formation

YOUTUBE — Internet — Independent Details
5/16 – 6/16

From creative concept through every aspect of production of this experimental promotional video, I was a one woman team.

2/16 – 2/16

Editor (adobe premiere ) Pedals for Compassion Promo

YOUTUBE — Internet — Independent Details
2/16 – 2/16

Edited promo video for Pedals of Compassion NGO

7/15 – 7/15

Sound Recordist Iridescent Field

Film (Short) — Independent Details
7/15 – 7/15

Recorded sound. The short film won best sound design at Ann Arbor's 2016 film fest.

1/15 – 1/15

Sound Recordist Chocolate Mountain Metal

Internet — Reality/Doc (TV)
1/15 – 1/15



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Class of '11

Cornell University

Comparative Lit - visual studies emphasis - honors

My Gear

  • Nikon 105mm macro lens
  • Nikon AIS prime lenses (35 50 and 85mm)
  • Sennheiser MKH-416
  • Sony A7s
  • Tokina wide lens
  • Zoom H5


  • assistant camera
  • cinematography
  • documentary research
  • DSLR and camcorder operation
  • experimental image making
  • research and story development
  • sound design
  • sound recording and mixing
  • video editing (Adobe Premiere Pro CC + After Effects)