I'm David and I'm a producer with over 20 million digital views. I've worked as a presenter (The Voice), scriptwriter, camera op, story producer, editor and radio documentary maker.


6/15 – 11/16

Web Producer Twin Strangers — Internet — Vision Independent productions Details
6/15 – 11/16

Working in Show Development, shooting editing Sizzle reels for broadcasters and pitching Content Creation for audience of 400k Facebook likes and over one million subscribers on website ( Started with only 100K likes and 100K subscribers: I grew it to 4 times the audience on Facebook and 10 times on our website. Script-writing for shoots on our youtube account with over 19 million views. When I started it had only 7 million. Writing Copy for social media platforms, 3 posts per day. Dealing with talent, coordinating shoots internationally. Booking flights, hotels and co-ordinating with others across the world. International film shoots: LA, Germany, London, Houston Texas, Connecticut, Dublin

8/16 – 9/16

Associate Director Search

Game Show (TV) — Vision Independent productions Details
8/16 – 9/16

Scripting PTC's with producer and presenter for each show. On location filming daily in a different place, included making calls on locations, ensuring sound was okay as well as communicating with host and contestants to make sure they're happy. Working with camera crew of 4 to co-ordinate and ensure a smooth running of the shoots. Making calls with producer on how many games we should play assisting the producer ensure the game was working right and there would be no discrepancies when coming to the edit.

11/15 – 9/16

Comedy Video Producer, development & Founder Pop the Cherry Comedy 2

Scripted (TV) — Pop The Cherry Comedy Details
11/15 – 9/16

Develop characters and content for short form sketches, pitched to Network television. Idea Generation, scripting, casting and scheduling filming for a group of over 200 comedians. Marketing content to social media platforms Making funny videos that get shared on social media websites to expand our audience Weekly social media promotion. Experience in promoting through engaging content Hosting the show every week in front of a live audience Over 120,000 views online, I produced all the videos.

6/15 – 7/16

3rd Camera, Data Wrangler & Digital Content Promoter Daniel & Majella's B&B RoadTrip 2

Reality/Doc (TV) — Vision Independent productions Details
6/15 – 7/16

Wrangle all footage every night for shoot. (there was never an issue) Work with advanced team to make sure locations were prepped and ready. (always on time) Grabbed a camera and filmed whenever they needed me to Drove the roadtrip car when required to be somewhere. Always pro-active and trying to be part of the team.

6/15 – 6/16

Development (Assistant) Confidential

Sizzle Reel — Reality/Doc (TV) — Vision Independent productions Details
6/15 – 6/16

Working with Head of Development Going to locations and filming key talent or telling the story that would be broadcast. Editing the content into sizzle reels for pitches.

2/14 – 5/16

Digital Presenter The Voice of Ireland

Reality/Doc (TV) — Screentime Shinawil Details
2/14 – 5/16

Scripting for live show. Researching tweets and snapchat messages to read out on air. Presenter for every Digital Platform the Voice had a presence Weekly Videos co-wrote with my producer, sarcastic round-up of the show every week Twitter Management, responding to questions and promoting the show Vox Pops with contestants and coaches, prepping weekly for that Live on-air reporting with the head presenter.

9/15 – 12/15

Segment Producer How to make an election video

Scripted (TV) — Republic of Telly Details
9/15 – 12/15

Work with a team of 6 to script and produce a 4 minute segment for the national broadcaster in Ireland (RTÉ). Develop sketch options for the show so the series producer could pick and choose what would suit the show. Sign off on the script, film all the content and edit it (premiere pro).

9/15 – 9/15

B-Roll Camera Op The Ploughing Live

Live / Special Event (TV) — Vision Independent productions Details
9/15 – 9/15

Shooting for opening title sequence Bring footage back to editors on time to ensure there was time for it to get processed. Filming smaller events at the show (When the president arrived).


  • Meeting my Doppelganger: Sara & Shannon - Twin Strangers

  • Pop the Cherry @ The Dublin Horse Show


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Class of '16

Dublin City University


My Gear

  • Canon 650 D
  • Hard wire lav mic
  • shoulder rig
  • Sigma Art Lens (18-35mm 1.8f)
  • Softbox lighting
  • Tripod
  • Zoom H6N


  • Audition intermediate
  • Photoshop Advanced
  • Premiere Pro Advanced
  • Researching - Advanced
  • Ronin rig competent
  • sizzle reel editing - experienced
  • Story Development