Deborah Correa is an award-winning filmmaker chosen for the prestigious AFI Directing Workshop for Women. A graduate from Emerson College, she is known for combining story development, archival research and producing for documentary, tv, and film.


1/23 – 3/24

Director (Producer) The War Between

Film (Feature-length) — Independent
1/23 – 3/24
6/21 – 1/24

Producer The Real American

Digital — Film (Feature-length) — Infinite Fountain Productions Details
6/21 – 1/24

Locate stories to cover and the first-hand people to interview. Organize remote shoots for interviews.

7/22 – 3/23

Archival Producer All Up in the Biz!

Showtime — Film (Feature-length) — Mass Appeal Details
7/22 – 3/23

Archival research, licensing and delivery within budget and schedule.

3/21 – 12/22

Co-Producer Brave New Films

Brave New Films — Film (Feature-length) — Brave New Films Details
3/21 – 12/22

Documentary responsibilities including production management, coordinating and hiring including casting, interviewing cast, organize and execute shoots (remote and local), maintain budget, hire crew, oversee archival research, acquisitions and licensing.

1/20 – 11/20

Co-Producer (Social Justice Documentary) Racially Charged: America's Misdemeanor Problem

Brave New Films — Film (Short) — Brave New Films
1/20 – 11/20
9/19 – 4/20

Associate Producer (Add'l narration, research, archives, pre-interviews) Son of a Hitman (Season 1)

Spotify — Podcast/Audio — Tradecraft Alternative Details
9/19 – 4/20

Deep dive research, pre-interviews, v.o., archival research and licensing, fair use assessment with legal teams, etc.

11/19 – 2/20

Clearance Coordinator 9 Days in July

iHeart Radio — Podcast/Audio — Tradecraft / High Five content Details
11/19 – 2/20

Producing archive flow through sourcing to distributions. Work with the networks on negotiating and licensing archive including clearances, research archive sources, collate archive, source new archive, work with legal for usage parameters and clearances.

4/19 – 11/19

Associate Producer (Story Research, Submission Casting, Historical Research, Archival Clearance & Li) The Dead Files (Season 12)

Travel — TV — Painless Productions Details
4/19 – 11/19

Deep dive research into locations, properties and families. Genealogical research, historical research and archival licensing and clearances. Honing story beats out of historical and biographical events.


  • Women In Film (WIF)

Self ID

I identify with the following groups:

  • Ethnicity: Hispanic, Latino/a/e or Latinx
  • Gender: Woman


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Deborah was an instrumental part of both of these documentaries, wearing many hats and juggling many responsibilities with great skill and reliability. In production, she arranged shoots, did casting, booked crew, handled logistics, travel, schedule ...MORE...
Jerri Howell
Co-Executive Producer (CoEP)
Consider meeting with Deborah Correa to bring a creative agility to your series or film as a producer, director or ace researcher. As an AFI DWW alum, she’s also a talented director & seasoned filmmaker who interweaves visuals and story with textur ...MORE...


Emerson College

B.F.A. Visual Media Arts & Writing

American Film Institute

Directing Workshop for Women


  • Spanish
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Final Draft
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Scriptation
  • Shot Designer
  • archive ox
  • Lucid
  • Casting and Interviewing
  • Artemis Pro