I'm from Boise, Idaho. Moved out east to film for NFL Films. I'm happy working with a camera in my hands or as close to the camera as I can get. Always happy to learn and willing to contribute anything i can to the production.


5/14 – 5/14

Production Assistant – SugarHouse Casino

Commercial/Ad — Media and Marketing Company Details
5/14 – 5/14

Drive the large equipment van to load and inventory equipment, than drive the equipment to and from the location each day. Help block the scenes, get talent/extras to sign waivers, help set up and break down equipment. Manage the return of equipment and ensure that everything was counted for.

5/14 – 5/14

Production Assistant (2nd AC) Newark First Political Campaign

The Campaign Group Details
5/14 – 5/14

Assisted the production crew including driving the DP to and from the location. Assisting the DP on location with lighting, framing, setting up and breaking down equipment and blocking.

4/14 – 4/14

Production Assistant (Assisted Director of Phoyography Mainly) Dead Files Revisited 3

TRAVEL — Reality/Doc (TV) — Travel Channel Details
4/14 – 4/14

My duties included normal PA duties assisting the producer and anyone on set that needed assistance. Having my experience with cameras i was put in charge of assisting the DP directly. This included setting up shots, moving equipment, and even shooting with the second camera when needed.

4/14 – 4/14

Assistant Camera (Canon 5d mark iii) Celebrate

Briamarie — Music Video — S Type Productions Details
4/14 – 4/14

Moving and setting up the camera for each scene. We moved from handheld to tripod to the jib. Planning shots and scouting the scene for interesting new ways to shoot. Also I worked as the jib operator.

3/14 – 3/14

Production Assistant (Art Department) – Subaru (BPN New York | Global)

Commercial/Ad — Bodega Pictures Details
3/14 – 3/14

Echoing "rolls" and "cuts", locking up (making sure nothing interferes with take), wrangling talent, assisting the Assistant Director essentially being his right hand man. Work with Art Department I built 18 foot Ikea Table with 3 Ikea chairs. Clean up and breakdown. Driving Hero Car from and to dealership

8/13 – 2/14

Assistant Camera (Panasonic 3100, Arri Alexa) Nfl Games

NFL — NFL Films Details
8/13 – 2/14

Prepping and planning the equipment for each NFL game, setting up and taking down the equipment during each game, and managing the white balance, aperture, and general look of the footage being shot. I Did this for 21 games in the 2013-14 season including the Super Bowl

11/13 – 11/13

Assistant Camera (Arri Alexa) NFL Films Presents: Yours Truly, Dr. Z

NFL — Scripted (TV) — NFL Films Details
11/13 – 11/13

On this Emmy award winning episode I had the privilege to assist the DP by setting up and breaking down the equipment for each shot. I helped plan, frame, light, pull focus, and drove crew and equipment to and from the shoot.

7/12 – 8/12

Production Assistant (Camera Assistant) An Unkindness of Ravens

Film (Theatrical) — Iron Circle Pictures Details
7/12 – 8/12

Echoing "rolls" and "cuts", locking up (making sure nothing interferes with take), wrangling talent, assisting the Assistant Director essentially being his right hand man. Worked closely with the Director of Photography helping him set up shots, build lights, set focus, sit in for first looks, and anything that he needed.


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Class of '13

Boise State University

Bachelors Degree

My Gear

  • 24 mm prime
  • 24-105 Zeiss zoom lens
  • 35 mm prime
  • 85 mm prime
  • Sony A7S 4k Camera