All through high school I wanted to be a rockstar. Though I'm no longer pursuing that career path, I like to think of myself as a rockstar in everything else I do.


7/17 – 7/18

Associate Producer The Tesla Files (Season 1)

History — TV — Prometheus Entertainment Details
7/17 – 7/18

Associate Producer involved in all aspects of production from pre to post; Conceptualized, researched, and developed new story beats as episode outlines and scripts evolved. Organized call sheets, location / materials / appearance releases, talent honorariums / location fees, permits, P.O.s, props, and gear rentals. Collected archival materials from third party vendors, personal individuals, and public domain houses for various packages while ensuring that all materials were properly cleared for broadcast use, met broadcast quality requirements, and fit within the targeted budget. Prepared all deliverables including rundowns, credits, as-broadcast scripts, etc. to be sent to the network upon an episode’s completion.

3/17 – 7/17

Researcher (Lead) Fail Army

Jukin Video — Digital — Jukin Video Details
3/17 – 7/17

Researcher responsible for finding and pitching low visibility User Generated Content that fits the needs of clients across multiple platforms including PNC Bank, Fremantle Productions, FailArmy, etc. with an emphasis on those clips that possess certain qualities inherent in viral-ability. Worked directly with Content Creators in licensing their videos to clients.

1/17 – 3/17

Associate Producer Dark Trails (Pilot)

A&E — TV — Propagate Details
1/17 – 3/17

Associate Producer responsible for discovering, pre-interviewing, and booking topic experts. Researching story beats and building out potential story lines. Coordinating locations and beginning the permit process for filming in public spaces.

11/16 – 1/17

Media Buyer World Star TV (Season 1)

MTV2 — Digital — Jukin Media Details
11/16 – 1/17

Media Buyer responsible for working with Viral Video owners to acquire one of three Licensing Agreements; One Time Use, Exclusive, or Non-Exclusive Revenue Share. Securing all necessary Appearance Releases, and working with Content Management and Rights and Clearances to blur and or remove all necessary faces, logos, music etc.. Sourcing the original owner of Viral Video content. Pitching new videos across multiple brands and channels.

6/16 – 9/16

Researcher (Lead) Evil Genius (Season 1)

History — TV — Propagate Details
6/16 – 9/16

Worked directly with law enforcement agencies, universities, libraries, media outlets, archivists, etc. to procure specialty materials, while staying inside the targeted budget. Delegated the collection of stock footage and stills to a team of research assistants. Ensured that all materials were properly cleared for use.

3/16 – 6/16

Researcher (Lead) Ancient Aliens (Season 9)

History — TV — Prometheus Entertainment Details
3/16 – 6/16

Collected stock footage and stills from third party media vendors, private individuals, etc. Kept all materials within budget. Provided editors and producers with meticulous notes about where to find specific materials in the Avid.

3/15 – 3/16

Researcher (Assistant)

Staff Position — Prometheus Entertainment Details
3/15 – 3/16

Organized raw interview transcripts into manageable sections that reflect an episode’s outline. Facilitated all library requests, as well as managed the library book database. Procured locations for filming interviews from Los Angeles to Australia. Conducted preliminary casting research for the associate producers.

10/14 – 11/14

Set Production Assistant Filthy Riches (Season 2)

National Geographic — TV — Half Yard Productions Details
10/14 – 11/14

Field PA with some AP responsibilities including logging and transcribing field notes, keeping the cast and crew hydrated and fed, coordinating lunch orders, handling petty cash and expense reports, driving production vehicles, acquiring releases, ensuring that walkies are handed out and returned, setting up and breaking down gear.


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Class of '12

California College of the Arts

Writing & Literature


  • Casting
  • Final Draft
  • Research
  • Event Planning
  • Google Docs
  • organization
  • scheduling
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Location Scouting
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • crew management
  • Fact Checking
  • Rights & Clearances
  • Talent Wrangling
  • event coordination
  • Diplomacy
  • Discretion
  • Media Research
  • Handling Petty Cash
  • Prioritization
  • Handling Paperwork
  • Driving Cargo Van
  • Coordinating Lunch
  • Library Research
  • Driving 15 Pass
  • Breaking Down/Setting Up Gear
  • Completing Runs in Record Time
  • Delegating Responsibilities
  • Driving a Tracking Vehicle
  • Gathering Stills and Stock Footage
  • Library Database Management
  • Loading/Unloading Gear
  • Logging Field Notes
  • Release Acquisition
  • Transcribing Field Notes