My name is Andrae Stockton from San Antonio, TX. I've been in the Tv& film industry for 1 year. I have experience as a production assistant, producer, actor and writer. I am a team player, love to work and collaborate with others.


6/23 – 6/23

Production Assistant Stage3agency

Toyota — Advertising — Toyota Media Details
6/23 – 6/23

Crafty run Transportation of crew vehicles and show cars Receipt collections Grip/ lighting

5/23 – 5/23

Production Assistant My 600lb life (Season 11)

TLC — TV — Megalomedia Details
5/23 – 5/23

Crew van driver , gathering crew crafty, loading in and unloading crew equipment. Receipt collections.

5/23 – 5/23

Production Assistant Dream Land (Pilot)

peacock — TV — Village Entertainment Inc. Details
5/23 – 5/23

Crew van driver. Crafty runs. Loading in equipment , and unloading. Setting up shots for B roll. Taking notes via Timecode+. field producer left last two days of production, so i filled in for those days doing filed producer job.

5/23 – 5/23

Production Assistant My 600 lb (Season 11)

TLC — TV — TLC Details
5/23 – 5/23

Crafty run Transportation of crew Receipt collections Load in/out of equipment

5/23 – 5/23

Audio Assistant corazon city

Internet — Corporate — chronicles of phoenix Details
5/23 – 5/23

Helped assist on production audio. Holding boom for sound. Helped setting up lav's for talent.

3/23 – 3/23

Assistant Camera (AC) (Panasonic ) Comercia private stream

Comerica private broadcast — Live/Special Event — Streaming Media Live Details
3/23 – 3/23

Camera building / jib cam utility Satellite broadcast operations

2/23 – 2/23

Production Assistant My 600-lb Life (Season 11)

TLC — TV — Megalomedia Details
2/23 – 2/23

Crew vehicle transportation Craft run Financial collection Load in/out

2/23 – 2/23

Production Assistant 90 Day Fiance (Season 4)

TLC — TV — Sharp Entertainment Details
2/23 – 2/23

Craft run Crew van driver Financial collections Load in/out

Self ID

I identify with the following groups:

  • Ethnicity: Black, African American or Caribbean
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic, Latino/a/e or Latinx
  • Gender: Man


  • Ira and Tilly trailer (director )


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Jarratt Carson
Supervising Producer
Andrae was highly motivated each day of production, bringing a positive and eager attitude to every aspect of the job. He also knows his way around set and was an excellent asset to the camera department. He is also eager to learn and sought out wa ...MORE...
Eric Woodall
Assistant Camera (AC)
Andrae is a motivated worker, handles stress well and is a team player. He would make a great addition to any team. ...MORE...
George Dockery
Assistant Camera (AC)
I haven't seen a PA that has worked so hard as Andrae on set. Not only did he do his recommended duties he also acted as a sponge for knowledge about the film industry. He laughs, jokes and knows when to get serious, and doesn't just act like a Robot ...MORE...

My Gear

  • Macbook Pro
  • Black magic cinema pocket


  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Film
  • writer
  • Final Draft
  • Pre-production
  • Screenwriting
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Celtx
  • Production Assistant
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter
  • Actor
  • TV Commercial