I am a hardworking cinematographer passionate about storytelling and creating breath-taking visuals. I enjoy traveling and am capable of managing large teams of people to get the job done. Lets talk!


8/11 – 6/14

Director of Photography – Thermo Fisher

Commercial/Ad — edgefactory OMNIMEDIA Details
8/11 – 6/14

It is my job to coordinate with the client to find a pleasing location for each interview and Product B-Roll. And then setup up multiple cameras and lights. It is my job make sure the quality of each video is properly representing the multi-billion-dollar company (Thermo Fisher Scientific).

9/13 – 5/14

Director of Photography (Red One MX, 5D Mark 3) – Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

Commercial/Ad — Antythesis Films Details
9/13 – 5/14

I worked with the producer and client to capture relevant B-roll for use in broadcast commercials, press releases and online promo material.

4/14 – 4/14

Director of Photography (Red One MX) Waste Pro

Antythesis Films
4/14 – 4/14
3/14 – 3/14

Director of Photography – Eastern Florida State College

Commercial/Ad — Verocity Media Details
3/14 – 3/14

It was my responsibility to light and shoot multiple interviews and supporting b-roll at surrounding occupational locations.

1/14 – 2/14

Director of Photography (Red One MX) The Crew 1

Internet — Internet Details
1/14 – 2/14

As the DoP for "The Crew", it was my job to create the visual style for this 7 episode series through lighting, framing and camera movement. We had 3 different directors throughout the course of shooting so it was also my job to keep continuity between the style of shots between episodes.

9/13 – 9/13

Director of Photography (Black Magic Cinema Camera, Canon 5D Mark 3) – Intram Investements

Commercial/Ad — Antythesis Films Details
9/13 – 9/13

As the DoP for this project it was my responsibility to create a high end video to inspire current investors and future investors to choose Intram Investments as their agency.

6/12 – 6/12

Director of Photography (Arri Alexa, Arri 35mm Film) Swing

Film (Theatrical) — Thesis Project Details
6/12 – 6/12

I designed complex large-scale lighting setups to illuminate dramatic night scenes in a large park. Utilized Jibs, Dollies and hand-held to communicate the emotion and pacing of the story. Lit multiple sets on a soundstage.


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Class of '12

Full Sail Universoty

Bachelors of Science in Film

My Gear

  • Arri Tungsten Lights
  • Canon 5D Mark 3
  • Canon 6D
  • Misc Lighting and Camera
  • Red Epic Dragon
  • Sennheiser Audio Kit
  • Several Canon L Glass


  • 2nd AC
  • Camera Operator
  • Cinematographer
  • Director of Photography
  • DIT