Diligent, tactical and optimistic is my approach to work in honor of the sheer joy it brings me.


10/16 – 10/16

Food Stylist Fixate

Beach Body On Demand — Internet — Beach Body Productions LLC Details
10/16 – 10/16

Purchasing Required Ingredients and Tools, Setting up, Cleaning and Maintaining the Kitchen, Preparation (Mise) of Ingredients, Maintaining and Resetting the Host's Stations, Cooking Beauties for Swaps in order to ensure the items are identical and aesthetically pleasing.

8/16 – 9/16

Food Stylist Kids Baking Championship 8

FOOD — Reality/Doc (TV) — Tibsen Entertainment Productions Details
8/16 – 9/16

Maintain, Clean and Reset Competitors Stations, Restock Ingredients and Decorative Items, Prepare (Mise) and Cook Items Required, Assist Chef Duff with specific tasks.

8/16 – 9/16

Food Stylist Baking Bits

Food Network — Internet — food network Details
8/16 – 9/16

Preparation of ingredients, Baking/Cooking of Ingredients, Ensuring Identical Standards of Continuity of every item cooked, Creative Ideas of Food Items, Decorating Baked Items.

7/15 – 8/15

Food Stylist Durban July

Live Event — Christina Martin's School of Food and Wine Details
7/15 – 8/15

One of the biggest events in South Africa every year, the Durban July Horse Racing Event is an international event that is broadcasted from start to finish. My duties as a Food Stylist and Chef were Preparation of Meals, Hosting Banquets, Beauties and Managing Desserts.


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Class of '09

Christina Martin's School of Food and Wine

Diploma in Patiserrie Arts
Class of '09

Christina Martin's School of Food and Wine

Diploma in Culinary Arts
Class of '09

Christina Martin's School of Food and Wine

Front of House Management


  • Aesthetic Cooking Technique
  • Diligant Worker and Learner
  • Easy to work with
  • Elegant Garnish
  • Enjoys the Job
  • Fun
  • Optimistic
  • Sous Vide Technique
  • Tactical
  • Variety of Chef Skills that are well-practiced.
  • Vast Knowledge of Filming Process and Industry
  • Well-tuned Palette