With a background in photojournalism and multimedia along with a love for movies and television, the natural path of my career has led to a pursuit in still set photography. I'm at home on set and have an eye for detail and a knack for staying invisible.


4/14 – 5/16

Production Assistant Ordinary Injustice

Film (Theatrical) — Thunderbolt Pictures Details
4/14 – 5/16

Ordinary Injustice is a documentary about the Innocence Project in North Carolina and their efforts to free Kalvin Michael Smith. I was responsible for arranging screenings, researching grants, portrait photography and production stills, film posters, and general organization and set-up as needed.

7/14 – 12/15

Still Photographer The Observer

Film (Theatrical) — East Cinema Films Details
7/14 – 12/15

I was the production still photographer responsible for set continuity and reference, capturing promotional materials, portraits and set design

3/13 – 3/13

Still Photographer Perchance to Dream

Film (Theatrical) — Thunderbolt Pictures Details
3/13 – 3/13

Production still photographer for short film shot in two days. Ensured set continuity, captured the set, costume, and makeup design for future reference, portraits, live scenes, movie posters.

5/11 – 8/11

Still Photographer Modern War Gear Solid

YOUTUBE — Internet — Beat Down Boogie Details
5/11 – 8/11

Production still photographer for web series. Photographs used for promotional materials, set continuity and reference.

6/10 – 6/10

Production Assistant The Adventures of Martin Dockery, Horologist

Film (Theatrical) — Monkey Whale Productions Details
6/10 – 6/10

Assisted with driving, organizing flow of actors and shuffling them back and forth, general grip work, assistant camera, prop set up, camera driver, turtle wrangler, and all odds and ends.

8/08 – 5/10

Lead Photographer the dotmatrix project

Internet — Live / Special Event (TV) — dotmatrix studios Details
8/08 – 5/10

- Managed team of photographers to cover productions of 25 live music shows (50 bands). - Presented a photographic narrative of each performance. - Curated images in online gallery, provided detailed metadata for SEO and leveraged social media to promote the project, artists involved and the music scene being covered.

6/09 – 6/09

Key Grip Dance Again

Film (Theatrical) — Mark Wagoner Productions Details
6/09 – 6/09

Manage team of grips as well as the collection, maintenence and operation of grip equipment and supplies for short film. Also operated as a production still photographer


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Class of '09

Randolph College

Photographic Technology: Photojournalism

My Gear

  • nikkor 35mm lens
  • Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens
  • Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8 lens
  • Nikon D300
  • sound blimp
  • Tamron 10-24mm 3.4-5.6 lens


  • final cut pro
  • fine art photography
  • lightroom
  • photojournalism
  • photoshop
  • production assistant
  • production still photographer