I'm a filmmaker with three years experience in film. I'm currently looking for jobs in production assisting, coordinating, and producing. I am capable of commuting to jobs between Albany, NY and New York City as well as New Jersey.


12/18 – 12/18

Set Production Assistant Dear Men (Pilot)

Yahoo — Reality/Doc (TV) — Yahoo Details
12/18 – 12/18

For this job I was primarily tasked with talent hospitality. I had to find guests on whatever floor security sent them to within the Oath offices and acted as the guests' first and last point of contact before going to set. I brought them through HMU and to set and then back again on their way out to get their make up removed (if they chose to do so) and ultimately made sure the talent was comfortable as they waited for their interview. I was also in charge of securing releases from the talent after their interviews. All of this was done for 14 guests over the course of 10 hours.

12/18 – 12/18

Teleprompter Oath Fireside Chat Series

Yahoo — Corporate — Yahoo! Studios Details
12/18 – 12/18

For this job I was responsible for transcribing the approved script to the teleprompter feed and then setting up the teleprompter. The software used was PromptSmart and will only respond to speech prompts (it does not naturally run through manual prompts) and this became a problem during the course of the interview so I had to stop the prompter from running via speech control and had to manually scroll along with the speaker.

11/18 – 11/18

Set Production Assistant Interview with Ike Sorkin

Corporate — Yahoo Finance Details
11/18 – 11/18

I assisted in standing in prior to the interview and carrying equipment down from set to street level at Ike Sorkin's New York City office.

10/18 – 11/18

Office Production Assistant Antarctica

Film (Theatrical) — Singular DTV Details
10/18 – 11/18

For this job I was tasked with keeping the office space clean and office craft services stocked. The tasks that required most of my time and attention, however, were transporting first team from their hotel to set in the mornings and then back at night as well as to local train stations in the event that they were returning home that night, and keeping track of the receipts and spending of four departments (production office, producer, art, and wardrobe) and creating comprehensive spreadsheets listing all of the expenses and their corresponding accounting codes.

9/18 – 10/18

Transportation Coordinator Woodstock Film Festival

Live Event — NBC Universal Details
9/18 – 10/18

My responsibilities for this job included communicating with Enterprise car services to organize a unit of cars for use during the festival, communicating and building a strong working relationship with a cohesive team of transportation volunteers for the course of the festival, building a schedule of shifts that met the needs of my team as well as the needs of the guests that required transportation. I was in charge of keeping track of a number of receipts from gas and travel and creating a comprehensive spreadsheet for after the festival. The job required strong communication skills and quick thinking as I was often receiving a number of requests from guests and other team members during the course of the festival that needed equal attention and well thought out solutions. I was also required to coordinate parking lots for three after parties and an awards show as well as post-party shuttling from venues to residences.

9/18 – 9/18

Set Production Assistant Curvy Con

Live Event — Yahoo! Studios Details
9/18 – 9/18

For this production I assisted in carrying and setting up equipment for interviews, locking up spaces when the interviews were being filmed, wrangling release forms from individuals that were on camera for B-roll shots, standing in prior to interviews, and helping to get all of the equipment used during the day to the Oath offices.

9/18 – 9/18

Teleprompter Morris County Freeholder Ad

Corporate — Life Size Entertainment Details
9/18 – 9/18

For this job I operated a teleprompter via iQPrompter for two different constituents running for the position of Freeholder in Morris County, NJ. Aside from operating the teleprompter I also helped the gaffer set up equipment, stood in for lighting and camera adjustments prior to shooting, and helped break down at the end of the day.

7/18 – 8/18

Set Production Assistant Driveways

Film (Theatrical) — Yard Sale Productions Details
7/18 – 8/18

My primary role on this feature was to act as the walkie talkie PA. I was in charge of keeping track of all of the walkie-talkies for all crew members on set and passing walkie-talkies out to new crew members and day players. In addition to that, I performed daily tasks of locking up on set, fire watching during meal periods, keeping track of first team and transporting them to their hotels at the end of their day, and performing duties of Background PA for our background heavy days. I occasionally was tasked with standing in for first team, and rain proofing camera and electrical gear.


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Class of '18

SUNY New Paltz

BA in Theatre Technical Design

My Gear

  • MacBook Air 2018


  • Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Suite
  • coordinating
  • Transcribing
  • Teleprompter Operation
  • personal car
  • Valid NYS Drivers License
  • Sprinter and 16' Truck Driving