My skill set allows me to work in art/grip/audio departments as well as write, direct and produce films. I have spent three years developing my film production skills and have spent two years as a TA at ACC RTF Department helping others learn filmmaking.


1/18 – Current

Showrunner Stolmbolor (Season 1)

YouTube/Vimeo — Internet — N/A Details
1/18 – Current

I wrote all the scripts for the whole show, design all props and sets, hire all cast and crew, pay for everything and direct 3 of the 4 episodes.

2/17 – Current

Showrunner Stolmbolor

Film (Short) — N/A Details
2/17 – Current

I rewrote the script twice, once when given to me by the director and again when requested by the producer due to inclement weather changing our filming location. The second rewrite had to be done within a single day and I accomplished this.

1/17 – Current

Producer Spryaig

Film (Short) — N/A Details
1/17 – Current

I have organized the project from development through pre-pro, pro, and now into post. I also raised money to pay for the whole project. Hired all cast and crew, locked all locations and designed all sets and props.

1/17 – Current

Screenwriter Spryaig

Film (Short) — N/A Details
1/17 – Current

I wrote the script and worked with the director through 13 revisions, into blue pages during production.

4/17 – 4/17

Swing Someone's Friday Night

Film (Short) — N/A Details
4/17 – 4/17

Organize crafty table, make coffee, pickup lunch, assist grip and audio team with handling gear, get photos printed and brought to set for art department.

4/17 – 4/17

Grip Tavarich Ulyanova

Film (Short) — N/A Details
4/17 – 4/17

Move and operate standard grip gear, cover dozens of ceiling lights with theatrical gels, operate bounce reflectors and moving strobe lights.

12/16 – 12/16

Boom Operator Harleen

Film (Short) Details
12/16 – 12/16

Standard indoor Boom operator job.

4/16 – 4/16

Boom Operator Chelsea Smile

Film (Short) — Austin Community College
4/16 – 4/16


  • Directing Project Breaking Bad Scene Walt and Jesse



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Class of '18

Austin Community College

Converging Media Production Associates of Applied Science Degree

My Gear

  • canon xd powershot
  • nikon d3500


  • Austin Community College Radio Television Film Department


  • audio mixer operation
  • boom pole operation
  • bounce card operation
  • c-stands
  • coil cabling
  • combo stands
  • directing
  • editing
  • fresnel lights
  • hd camera operation
  • producing
  • production design
  • prop fabrication
  • script breakdown
  • scriptwriting
  • set building
  • shotlist breakdown
  • slating
  • technical troubleshooting