Evan, a Producer, based in Denver, has 1 Producer credit, and has been a member since 2017.


3/14 – 8/16

Producer –

3/14 – 8/16

As a producer responsible for the production of educational videos catering to the crafting community, I provided oversight and direction from pre through post. I was responsible for visual direction of each class as well as on-set direction and intensive communication with on-camera talent, who were often inexperienced with video performance. Working with small production crews I produced over 65 classes, amassing 250 hours of edited footage. Every shoot was different at Craftsy. The challenges were plentiful and the on-camera instructors were colorful to say the least. The fast-paced yet supportive environment sharpened my quick decision making skills and required a steady hand capable of spinning multiple plates while, at times, herding cats. My time at Craftsy not only was a joyous experience but one that has provided me with a multitude of production management skills that I continue to call upon. I was known as the "instructor whisper" for my ability to put nervous and camera shy instructors at ease and pull from them their passion for their craft and translate that to on-camera performance. I was often tasked with taking complicated techniques within a crafting discipline and distilling them down into easily viewable and digestible segments with a concise TRT. I am thorough, efficient, and have a solid reputation among both my crews and superiors as a reliable and well-prepared producer. Resume and cover letter, readily available.


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