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3/21 – 4/21

Director of Photography (DP) (ED EPIC and RED DRAGON) Pulled From Darkness

Film (Feature-length) — STORYLIGHT PRODUCTIONS Details
3/21 – 4/21

As DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY I was responsible for the choice of camera set up, angle, focal length of lens, etc. Also, head of Camera Department and directed the 2 to 3 other camera team members.

12/20 – 1/21

Cinematographer BAD MEN MUST BLEED

Film (Feature-length) — Breath of Life Productions Details
12/20 – 1/21

Director of Photography for feature film, Camera Operator,

10/19 – 2/20

Director of Photography (DP) The Dark Places

Film (Short) Details
10/19 – 2/20


1/18 – 2/18

Director of Photography (DP) (RED EPIC X) ANGRY MEN

Film (Feature-length) — Vision Makers Productions, LLC
1/18 – 2/18
2/17 – 3/17

Director of Photography (DP) (EPIC X) BENEATH HEAVEN'S SHADOW (Pilot)

TV Details
2/17 – 3/17

Set up the shot [location, framing, blocking, compostion, etc.] give directions to the Gaffer on light palcement and treatment.

9/16 – 11/16

Director of Photography (DP) (Epic X and Dragon) The Reliant

Film (Feature-length) — The Y Film, LLC Details
9/16 – 11/16

DP / Cinematographer

1/15 – 8/16

Director of Photography (DP) (Scarlet ) Shaping DFW (Season 2)

Digital — WFAA 8 Dallas Details
1/15 – 8/16

Director of Photography

1/16 – 2/16

Editor (PP CS6) Puppet Man

Film (Short) Details
1/16 – 2/16

Picture and audio editor. Post Pro supervisor. Final Audio Mix and Color Grade.


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Handel Humphrey
He really works hard! His shots are spectacular and his eye for lighting is superb. He has a humble attitude but knows how to get the shot he wants. James was a pleasure to work with on set! ...MORE...

My Gear

  • Tripod
  • RED 18-50mm
  • RED 50-150mm
  • RED EPIC X Digital Cinema Package
  • RED 300MM
  • Dana Dolly
  • RED MONSTRO 8K Camera Package
  • RED PRO Prime set
  • DZO VESPID Lens Set
  • O'Connor Head.


  • Camera Operator
  • Director of Photography
  • Post Production Supervisor
  • Creative Picture Editor