I have spent the last several years working in post production (and various other departments in entertainment) so as to mold myself into a resourceful producer for documentary/independent films.


8/18 – Current

Post Production Assistant

Staff Position — Levels Audio Details
8/18 – Current

Cracked AAF’s, spotted audio tracks, and set up mics and VO rooms as a subset of our administrative duties. Additionally, I assumed standard PA duties such as equipment retrieval, organizing and picking up staff lunch, and basic office maintenance.

9/17 – 5/18

Post Production Assistant

Advertising — Aspect Ratio Details
9/17 – 5/18

Alleviated heavy work flow by assisting the AE’s with drive/asset inventory, assemblies, and recording ADR. Alternatively, PA's also oversaw office events, and organized employee lunches under the direction of the Events & Office Manager.

10/16 – 11/16

Production Assistant A Violent Man

Film (Feature-length) — IME Films Details
10/16 – 11/16

Setting up crafty, walking actors to and from their trailers, showing guests and investors around the set, other miscellaneous duties would change on a daily basis

1/13 – 12/14

Intern Multiple Projects

TV — Daily Transcription Details
1/13 – 12/14

•Given 24 hours to produce transcriptions for various pieces of footage supplied by production companies, mostly documentary pieces. •Demands attentive listening skills so as not to miss anything that has been spoken or perhaps mumbled. •Adhered to a strict format in which to write the dialogue that takes place within the footage.

10/12 – 10/12

Production Assistant The Divorce Party

Film (Feature-length) — UFO Pictures Details
10/12 – 10/12

•Filled in for the 2nd AC when absent. Duties included holding the slate, handling camera chords as well as changing lenses when necessary. •Assisted on-set casting director by monitoring extras and handing out consent forms. •Moved set pieces for the production designer according to their specifications.

9/12 – 9/12

Production Assistant Gentlemen Callers (Pilot)

TV — none Details
9/12 – 9/12

•Assisted the Scripty with scanning the set for inconsistencies between takes. Also recorded the director’s notes and reactions for each take. •Provided the crew with an extra hand while tearing down the set in-between scenes. •Distributed consent forms to the crew and talent during the shoot dates. •Assured that the actors arrived on set in a timely and efficient manner.

1/12 – 4/12

Intern Production Company

Film (Feature-length) — Arad Productions Details
1/12 – 4/12

•Provided character feedback on game-based scripts/specs as well as action related genres. •Assembled research and project folders on potential films for prospective writers. •Completed detailed transcriptions of writer’s pitches with beat breakdowns. •Clerical duties such as: faxing, photocopying, and directing calls to the assistants.

8/11 – 12/11

Intern Production Company

Film (Feature-length) — Lava Bear Films Details
8/11 – 12/11

•Providing script coverage with the intent of selecting projects appropriate for a start-up. •Formulated pitches for the weekend-read as well as commentary regarding said material. •Contacted talent agents, producers and assistants in order to update company’s contact list.


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Class of '16

New York Film Academy

Film Editing
Class of '12

University of Southern California

BA in Theatre minor in Cinema


  • Avid
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • FileMaker
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • MailChimp
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • AVID Pro Tools
  • Star Tracker
  • Vuvox
  • Toast DVD Burner
  • Fetch: File Transfer