I'm a Premiere editor with a background in digital media and comedy. A well-rounded "swiss army knife" type, I've produced/directed/edited short films, animation, daily talk shows, journalistic pieces, man-on-the street interviews, parodies and more.


11/15 – Current

Producer/Shooter (Freelance Video Editor/Producer/YouTube Publisher) The Jimmy Dore Show

Youtube Channel — Internet — TYT Network Details
11/15 – Current

Digital-first talk show on YouTube, iTunes & radio stations (KPFK-LA, WBAI-New York, others) • Brought channel subscriptions from 26K in Nov 2015 to 144K today | Oct 2016 revenue: 17K+ | 6 – 12 videos daily • Multiple roles – studio set up, camera/sound, video editing, uploading, YouTube publishing/SEO optimization • Produced, directed & edited IndieGoGo pitch video, netting $61K raised, goal was $48K • Designed motion graphics, titles, end-screens, operated teleprompter and did script punch-up, wrote comedy sketches Field production – Political coverage at IA, NV & CA primary caucuses and rallies, man-on-the-street interviews, created documentary videos of Bernie Sanders Iowa campaign headquarters | “Caucus Chaos” story mentioned in Rolling Stone

8/13 – Current

Creator/Host of YouTube Channel SuckProfessor

YouTube — Internet Details
8/13 – Current

Produce, direct, edit, publish, manage & host a YouTube channel with over 5K subscribers covering nerdy topics such as video games, tv shows, movies and technology.

4/13 – 1/15

Editor (Premiere Pro) – TYT Network

4/13 – 1/15

Professional YouTube Certifications: Audience Growth, Digital Rights Management Head of Publishing – highly visible role for flagship show w/ 2M subscribers/40M monthly views • Wrote YouTube headlines & designed thumbnails, SEO-optimization with daily adaptation to high-pressure, shifting deadlines • Coordinated release schedules/strategies on a variety of timescales | 30 – 40 clips/week • Expertise in show development from concept to production to delivery | Trained, advised & managed publishing staff Partner Management – ensured timely/accurate delivery of content to distribution partners • Developed metadata tracking and sharing across multiple platforms (YouTube, Hulu, Maker.TV, Roku, Wordpress) Fill-in Director – camera set up, color-matching, Tricaster operator Editor – promotional spots, channel trailers, show intros, call-to-action midrolls/outros Special Event Producer – The Young Turks: No Apologies Tour – developed live show concept, format, rehearsal, staffing & execution of event, including camera team, merch and post-production Set Construction – built & installed custom acoustic panels, backdrops & wall-mounted displays


  • Short Film (made with iPhone) - Brothers (2 min)

  • Parody/Guide Video - El Gato Capture Card Setup - Short and Simple


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Class of '01

University of Illinois

B.A. - Industrial Distribution Management


  • Camera & Sound operation
  • Digital video production
  • Motion graphics
  • Podcast production
  • Stand up comedy
  • Technical & Creative problem solving
  • Video editing
  • YouTube expertise