My name is John and I'm a grip/electric in NYC. I learned everything I know working at a Specialized Grip and Lighting Rental House in Queens. I'm a hard worker. I work fast but effectively and pride myself on knowledge of the gear.


4/14 – 4/14


Nike — Advertising — Nike SB Details
4/14 – 4/14

I was in charge of driving the G/E truck to set, unloading the truck and assisting the other grips and electrics with finding items as needed off of the truck.

9/13 – 4/14

Grip Saturday Night Live (Season 39)

NBC — TV — Saturday Night Live Details
9/13 – 4/14

I drove the Grip and Electric truck to set. Unloaded the truck, helped the Union Grips and Electrics find specific items as needed. Reloaded the Grip and Electric Truck after the set was wrapped for the day.

3/14 – 3/14

Grip Cake Boss: Next Great Baker (Season 4)

TLC — TV — High Noon Entertainment Details
3/14 – 3/14

I ran stingers around set, unloaded G/E van, flew in apple boxes as needed to set while watching the gear in Port Authority 42nd St.

3/14 – 3/14

Key Grip But Not For Me

Film (Feature-length) — Thesis Production Details
3/14 – 3/14

I ran stingers around a studio, rigged lights to the ceiling, and put up solids and floppies as needed.

3/14 – 3/14

Key Grip Traveler's Insurance

Film (Feature-length) — 813 Productions Details
3/14 – 3/14

I drove the G/E truck to location, built a small G/E package on a doorway dolly consisting of a Joker 400 with Chimera, 4x4 flags, Kino Flos, and some cardellini clamps to roll around set. Multiple set ups with Kino Flos mixed with 4x4 floppies to block windows.

3/14 – 3/14

Grip CNBC Amazon Workers

CNBC — TV — NBC Universal Details
3/14 – 3/14

I ran stingers throughout an old warehouse, set up 2k combi stands with 1.2 HMIs, and 4x4 floppies to block out sunlight from windows.

1/14 – 1/14

Grip From The Woods

Film (Short) — Calico & Coffee films Details
1/14 – 1/14

I was G/E Swing. My duties included running 60 amp cable around a park towards a 6500 generator, setting up 2k Combi stands with HMI lights and, setting up 4x4 Floppies and Nets as needed.

5/13 – 5/13

Key Grip Sideswiped

Film (Short) — A Small Fire Production Details
5/13 – 5/13

I built a menace arm, skinned gels onto 4x4 empty frames, and put black duvi on the windows outside of the location with gaffers tape.


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Class of '10

Full Sail University

Bachelors Degree in Science for Film

My Gear

  • Flashlight
  • Head Lamp
  • Multitool
  • Cube Taps
  • Measuring Tape
  • Screwdrivers
  • wrench
  • Outlet Tester
  • Sash
  • Set Gloves


  • Briese Technician trained at Briese Studios in Hamburg
  • Extensive knowledge of Electric Cable/HMI/Tungsten Lights
  • Extensive knowledge of Grip Gear/ Grip Stands
  • Trained at Available Light New York Rental House