Experienced camera operator, production assistant in various departments on a wide range of productions, and location scout in the Austin, San Antonio and Houston areas.


2/15 – 3/15

Production Assistant (Casting) The Voice (Season 9)

NBC — TV — Mark Burnett Productions Details
2/15 – 3/15

Assisted the casting director and staff with auditions.

2/15 – 2/15

Production Assistant (Assistant Director's Department)

Advertising — Red Creek Productions Details
2/15 – 2/15

Shuttle agency and talent in a fifteen passenger van from production office and hotel to set. Put up tables, chairs and tents for lunch. Assisted the 1st AD and 2nd AD with 'lock-ups', company moves, and much more. Directly assisted the production coordinator with logistics, tech scout, and random errands.

1/15 – 1/15

Camera Production Assistant America's Got Talent (Season 10)

NBC — TV — FremantleMedia Details
1/15 – 1/15

I logged the material covered by the camera operator. I switched out lenses, batteries and disks for the camera operator. I assisted the field producer to set up interviews.

11/14 – 12/14

Camera Operator (Cannon 5D and Sony a7s) Woman Abroad (Pilot)

Netflix — TV — Burgeon Media Details
11/14 – 12/14

I was the second shooter responsible for covering interviews and b-role in a variety of unpredictable situations.

7/14 – 10/14

Production Assistant American Crime (Season 1)

ABC — TV — ABC Studios Details
7/14 – 10/14

Worked with the sound department to cancel out as much noise as possible at a location. Placed mats on the ground to cover wires on set. Prepared locations for production by the placement of card board on the floor and walls. Delivered checks to location owners.

6/14 – 9/14

Production Assistant (Assistant Camera) Generation Found

TV — 4th Dimension Productions, LLC Details
6/14 – 9/14

Occasionally operated the Sony F5 and worked as the second shooter with the Cannon 5D. Set up lights. Eliminated controllable sound problems. Organized the meals, snacks and coffee. Navigated the crew around Austin and Houston.

8/14 – 8/14

Production Assistant Celebrity Motor Homes (Season 1)

HGTV — TV — Channel 8 Entertainment Details
8/14 – 8/14

Responsible for crafty, meals and navigating the area.

7/14 – 7/14

Production Assistant Undercover Boss (Season 6)

CBS — TV — Studio Lambert Details
7/14 – 7/14

Preproduction: I helped with set production by covering windows and removing all smoke detectors in the location. Production: I picked up the talent from the airport, escorted talent to set, instructed talent through production and entertained talent during blocks of "down time" by taking them to diner/coffee/etc.


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Class of '13

Next Actor Studio

Acting, Screenwriting and Filmmaking
Class of '12

Texas A&M University

Bioenvironmental Sciences


  • I can operate a DSLR camera
  • I can perform basic DIT work
  • I can perform interviews and manage talent
  • I can run wires and set up basic lights for the grip dept.
  • I can set up and connect external monitors for the camera dept.
  • I understand the basics of the Arri Alexa
  • I understand the basics of the Sony F5