I work hard on set and always keep a positive attitude. I am eager to work on as many jobs as I can because I am learning new things with each new shoot I work on. Thanks for giving me a chance. Let's get to work.


4/15 – 4/15

Production Assistant – Chic-Fil-A (The Richards Group)

Commercial/Ad — Far and Wide, Inc Details
4/15 – 4/15

Passing out walkies, setting up video village, setting up lunch tables, setting up pop-ups, breaking down lunch and pop ups, pulling layout board, lockups.

3/15 – 3/15

Production Assistant – Galaxy Zero (Cheil)

Commercial/Ad — Compass USA Details
3/15 – 3/15

Passing out walkies, running hot bricks, setting up video village, lock ups, passing out waters, trash sweeping, setting up and breaking down lunch tables, going on runs to target, assisting camera department.

3/15 – 3/15

Production Assistant – Chevy Silverado (Leo Burnett)

Commercial/Ad — One At Optimus Details
3/15 – 3/15

Setting up video village, running hot bricks, lock ups, fire watch, trash sweeping, laying down layout board on baseball field, passing out waters, collecting walkies.

3/15 – 3/15

Production Assistant The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

Film (Theatrical) — Seashore Productions Details
3/15 – 3/15

Lockups, running hot bricks, directing traffic flow in and out of parking lot set, setting up video village, setting up lunch, collecting walkies.

3/15 – 3/15

Production Assistant Married in America 2 2

HALMRK — Reality/Doc (TV) — CMS Productions Details
3/15 – 3/15

Driving Michael Apted and 1st AC to location, picking up lunch for talent, helping set up lights for interviews, running camera equipment from car to set, assisting sound operator, and setting up interview space in a home of the talent.

3/15 – 3/15

Production Assistant Teen Beach 2 2

DISNEY — Scripted (TV) — CMS Productions Details
3/15 – 3/15

Downloading production truck, distributing walkies, sound lockup of construction workers next door, running hot bricks, distributing waters, assisting wardrobe department.

2/15 – 2/15

Office Production Assistant – Xfinity

Commercial/Ad — Tool of North America Details
2/15 – 2/15

Drove producer, production designer, 1st Ad and locations manager on a directors scout to 12 locations around Los Angeles including homes out in Pasadena and Altadena and to 3 elementary schools.

2/15 – 2/15

Production Assistant Hemingway Film Project LLC

Film (Theatrical) — Florentine Films Details
2/15 – 2/15

Picking up lighting and camera equipment, setting up lighting for interview, assisting DP and AC during interview, and doing returns of equipment and cargo van.


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Class of '14

Loyola Marymount University

Film Production

My Gear

  • Radio Headset


  • Building pop-ups
  • Coiling cable
  • distributing walkies
  • downloading truck