Hello! I'm an aspire filmmaker and I want to learn everything in the film industry. I want to provide quality work to every production I'm in. I want my co-workers to feel their vision have to come life and not feel like they wasted their talent.


8/14 – 8/14

Stand In (3 Over night shoots) Ride Along 2

Universal Pictures — Film (Theatrical) Details
8/14 – 8/14

Stand in for actor Michael Rose - "The Hitter/Gates"


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Class of '18

Art Institute of Atlanta

Bachelors degree in Film & Video Production

Academy of Art University

Bachelors Degree in Screenwriting


  • Access to Adobe film apps and audio
  • Actor-Beginner
  • Movie Extra Experienced
  • Provided Excellence in Customer Service
  • Short Film Maker
  • Worked at a Office
  • Worked at Publix
  • Written Screenplays since 9th Grade